Friday, June 08, 2007

Char Siew Rice @ Restoran K. Intan

Another place for a good food@Section 17. This shop open from morning to afternoon, then evening to night.

Retoran K. Intan@Section 17

They serve rice and home made noodle, with the choice of char siew (BBQ pork), siew yuk (roast pork), wan tan or dumpling. You can have Bah Kut Teh as well.

For today's lunch, we had:

Dish: Char Siew+Siew Yuk Rice
Price: RM 3.50

Dish: Char Siew+Siew Yuk Noodle
Price: RM 3.50

Dish: Dumpling
Price: ??? (4got)

My thoughs:
The pork, both char siew (BBQ pork) and siew yuk (roast pork) are nicely flammed, the rice is just plain white rice, however, the killer app for me is the gravy - char siew (BBQ pork sauce!

as for the dumpling, inside is stuffed with minced pork with carrot and 1 prawn.

The shop is runned by a Chinese guy and a girl. I'm not sure about their relationship, however, we always refer the shop as "leong gong poh", it means "couple" in Cantonese. LOL~

Almost forgot to mention, do put some "fried small red onion" upon serving, it goes with the rice or noodle.

I like to dine here, 'cos the place is not very crowded, service is not bad and food is nice.

I'll blog about the Bah Kut Teh next time.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chicken Rice @ Lucky

Kedai Kopi Lucky@Section 17, is the type of kopitiam, where it's operated by 2 different tenants, i.e. day and night.

Kedai Kopi Lucky@Section 17

During day time, you get to choose variety of food from many hawker stalls; night time, one "Big Fry" stall, i.e. chinese à la Carte.

It's located just directly across the open car park from Restoran Say Huat.

For today's lunch, we had:

Dish: Roast Chicken Rice
Price: RM 3.50

Dish: Pork MeeHoon Soup
Price: RM 3.00

My thoughs:
Kedai Kopi Lucky got lots of nice food. They have chicken rice, char siew rice (BBQ pork), siew yuk (roast pork) rice, pork noodle, pork ball noodle, wan tan mee, curry mee, etc

My favourite is Roast Chicken Rice (which is the from main tenant). Their roast chicken is nicely roasted, with the semi-crispy skin attached to the white meat.

As for Pork MeeHoon Soup... I shall write about it another day. 'cos I preferred the dry version, not soup. Someone forced me to photograph the soup and post here... -_-"

This couple is the Chicken Rice Stall owners.

The uncle and the aunty are nice people, however they have a unique way to communicate with each other/customers, especially when they are coordinating customers' orders.

The uncle will always be polite to all his customers, on the other end, the aunty will scold everyone (including the customers) when she's stressed. LOL~

but regulars will not be offended, 'cos we are used with it.


I shall write about other food from Kedai Kopi Lucky another day (including night time's big fry. So if you happened to be around Section 17, don't forget to check out Kedai Kopi Lucky~lah.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Soya King

SOYA KING's Soya Milk FTW!!!

"Kak, soya milk satu, sama gula hitam, please~!"

DAMN! I finished the whole bottle in "auto pilot mode" again (LOL~ lame! >ip), without photographing it. -_-" zzzzzzz

anyway, they sell Tau Foo Far and Fruity Tau Foo Far as well, and both taste good!

you can go with either while sugar or brown sugar solution.

Unfortunately, the Fruity Tau Foo Far not available today... see the empty fridge at the right side?

I 4got to mention where's the location of this stall... LOL~ Thanks, Nick!

SOYA KING's Section 14 Stall is located beside the Vie On Chinese Herb Store. Just right behind Section 14's Post office, side by side across MayBank and TGIF.

Hong Fatt @ Sec 14, Basement Food Court

Hong Fatt is 1 of the many hawker stalls in Section 14's Basement Food Court (non-Halal Food section). It's operated by a Chinese couple. They are located at the deep far end corner of the Sec 14 Market Hall.

If you coming from the center court (5'Sec Laundry will be on your left, King's Bakery on your right), walk down and turn left. Walk pass the Halal Food stalls til you reached another short steps stairs down.

Hong Fatt is just at your NE direction, i.e. corner corner shop!

Basically they served fried rice, fried noodle, fried meehoon or fried kuey teow. You can have them in normal style, singapore style, tom yam style, etc... suits your tastes/requirements.

For today's lunch, we had:

Dish: Fried Rice with Fried Egg
Price: RM 3.50

Dish: Fried Mee Hoon
Price: RM 3.00

My thoughs:
No thoughts~lah... It's just plain fried rice, but it taste better then a lot, as I believed Uncle's cooking got good flame (chinese believes or rather chinese style of cooking, the flame must be at the right temperature)!

Upon entering this non-halal food court, please take note the pillars are actually the border that divides the "Tale of Two Beverage Clans". So please don't order from the this side and sit on the other side.

That's for drinks. For food, you can sit any where you want, and there are a few nice stalls too... and I shall write about them some other day.

Iced Winter Melon Longan Drink, ordered from the clan that operating besides Hong Fatt.

Disclaimer: I don't have any preferences or favour to any of the beverages stalls.

Auto Pilot Mode

"If you can spend no more than 15 mins a day doing the same thing, consecutively every day, for a week... it'll become part of your life soon... i.e. Habit"

I think I got that from a friend, who attended Stephen R. Covey's 7 Habits seminar years ago.

It's actually very true. That's how you train to have a good habit, or pick up a bad habit... LOL~

Everyday, I drive to work using the expressway, while I'm on the wheel, normally I'll either have a devotional time with God or do some thinking, 'cos it takes about 15-20 mins drive, and perhaps that slowly becomes a habit - i.e. Auto Pilot Mode.

I've become so familiar with the road, that I no longer need to "see", I know when to slow down, when to step on the accelerator, this corner always got noobs, etc... Everything is auto pilot mode, I'm driving, however my mind is not on the wheel.

Take this morning for example, the moment I enter the expressway, I switched into auto pilot mode subconsciously, before I realised, I was near my office area.

Occasionally, during weekends or public holidays, I'll automatically make the usual exit, and end up at the wrong side of the city, and that explains why I always late to pick up my GF. LOL~

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Thai Fried Rice @ Say Huat, Section 17 PJ

Restoran Say Huat is a chinese Kopitiam, where you can find lots of stalls inside the shop, selling variety of food.

It's located at Section 17, Petaling Jaya, near the old Sentosa Cinema (which no longer exist, currently is an open-air car park - RM2 per entry *gulp~*).

For now, let's talk about the famous - Thai Fried Rice@Restoran Say Huat.

Price: RM4.50
What is served:
gravy, marinated chicken, fresh onion, spring onion, fried eggs and fried rice;

My thoughs:
Before you start, make sure you have everything on the plate mixed evenyly, to get the best out of it. What's so nice about this Thai Fried Rice, is actually the gravy.

The gravy some how able to connect the rest of the elements served, which brings out the taste, and make it delicious.

Because it serves with fresh onion, therefore, be prepared that you'll get onion breath after that!!!

The name of the stall is actually called - Thai Fried Rice (in Chinese, I shall take a snapshot next time). The stall is actually runs by a couple - Chef (Chinese, husband I think) and Assistant (Siamese, wife I think), they have been operating there for at least 7 years. Besides Thai Fried Rice, they serve also Pineapple Fried Rice, Chestnut Fried Rice, Tom Yam Fried Rice, etc...

What can we do with RM50 a month?

Have you ever wonder, what can we do with a RM50 a month? besides for our own interest...

Well, we can help lives, by becoming a Child Sponsor at World Vision.

With only RM50 a month from us, a child is blessed with Clean water, Health care, Food & Agriculture, Education, Economic Development, and FUTURE!

I've been sponsoring 2 thai kids for the past 5 years, and I can ensure you, it's really a great experience to be part of and able to help someone elses' lives. I received season greeting cards/letters from them periodically, telling me how are they doing in their studies, how grateful they are, because of my contributions, they can study, and have their dreams fulfilled.

"A small gesture, that make a big difference"

For more info on, how to become a Child Sponsor, you can visit

Building a better world for children.

Let's be a blessing to others!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Mr Grasshopper

Hi Mr Grasshopper...

A very good morning to you...

how are you~ah?

hmmm... u very free isit?

why you stand on my car~ah?




Revival of my blog

I have been spamming frens' shotbox at their blogs for the past weeks...

Last week, a LYN Forum buddy responded a line to me:

1 Jun 07, 07:07
Jason/zorocaster: penman should start a blog

Just a simple line, but it has a great impact on me.

Immediately, I start back my blog... and now all the thoughts had been kept in my head all these years... flows like a furious river with out a dam.

LOL~ thanks again, Jason/zorocaster.

Life is funny... simple things we do or say, sometimes have great impact on others.

Marvel 1602

writer: Neil Gaiman;
artist: Andy Kubert;

bought this
from: BORDERS;
date: Sunday, 03 June 2007;

My thoughts:
Yesterday, I visited BORDERS, and I saw:

15% OFF for Graphics Novels/Comics*
* buy 2...

ah~ see? there were clauses... so I went looked around, see if I can grab anything for 15% OFF (CHEAPSKATE!!!)...


and I saw Earth X, immediately I can recognise the cover is done by Alex Ross, and I was holding it. Then, I saw Marvel 1602, WINNER OF A 2005 QUILL AWARD...

and in my heart thinking:"cool! this title won some award..what ever that award is..." LOL~ then I saw the name - "Andy Kubert".

I've always been a Andy Kubert's fan, since X-men, Wolverine time...

Unforunately, I stopped buying American comics 8-9 years back, due to the fact, they are expensive and poor stories, etc... i.e. I haven't been following the American titles for awhile.

So I turned the book around to read the summary, it seems like 1 of those "What IF" series by Marvel. As I read on, "OH! Marvel icons in the 17th Century - Queen Elizabeth I's reign, the Old English era", that is something interesting, more over, this title won an award, and it's Andy Kubert.

"OK~lah... I got 2 titles in hand oredi...", so I paid at the cashier.

Unwrapped it during dinner at Ikea... Andy Kubert's work, as good as before, however, I'm quite disappointed with the computer colouring... in fact, that's 1 reason why I stopped buying American Comics, digitised colouring, 'cos by doing that, the work will loose out the artists' touch. But can't help it, nowadays everything is digitised.

Read a few pages, seems to be a very nice+interesting plot.

it's always good to grab a few compliations (comics) during SALES, if you don't want to commit to titles.

Earth X

team Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, John Paul Leon, Bill Reinhold, Todd Klein

bought this
from: BORDERS;
date: Sunday, 03 June 2007;

My thoughts:
The reason I bought this title, as I was looking for any 2 titles to make up for the 15% OFF (see this post).

First thing captured me from far is the cover done by Alex Ross. At 1st, I was a bit sceptical, as a few the American Comic publishers likes to use an artist for cover, and a different one for the content. I don't like such marketing trick, as I felt it's cheating the readers.

Thank goodness, I heart about this title before, and it's quite save to get it, and I did.

Earth X is basically a twisted tales of Marvel Universe set in the future, where most of the Marvel's icons are old or being replaced. The alliances of Super Heroes are divided, due to conspiracy act by an influential villain... that's all I know for now (have to read 1st~mah).

To me, this is like the Marvel's version of DC Comic's Kingdom Come. In fact, it is, after reading Wikipedia.

Alex Ross did a good job with Kingdom Come, and I have strong confident, he'll do it again with Earth X.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hei Yan Quan (I Don't Want to Sleep Alone)

Release Date: 17 May 2007;
Languages: Mandarin & Malay with Malay, English, Chinese Subtitles;
Classification: N/A;
Director: Tsai Ming-liang;
Cast: Norman Atun, Lee Kang-Sheng, Chen Shiang-Chyi, Pearlly Chua ;
Genre: Drama;
Showing at: The Picturehouse, Cathay Cineleisure;


synopsis: - taken from The Picturehouse, Cathay Cineleisure
After being robbed and attacked in Kuala Lumpur, Hsiao-kang, a homeless man, is taken in by some Bangladeshi workers. One of them, Rawang, lets him sleep beside him on an old mattress he had found. As he nurses Hsiao-kang's body, he feels calm and contended. Chyi, a coffee shop maid is also nursing someone's body - her lady boss's paralysed son. Chyi dreads her life. When she meets Hsiao-kang later, her body fills with lustful desire. Chyi's lady boss also lusts after Hsiao-kang's youthful body, realising that he resembles her son. As Hsiao-kang slowly recovers, he finds himself caught between Rawang and Chyi. Meanwhile, a heavy haze invades the city as these men, women and the old mattress lose their way but find one another...

My thoughts:
Art Films/Independence Films are still considered very new to Malaysians. Most of the time, such films will be only screened at International/Art Screens, and it's still not very popular. However, Hei Yan Quan was a 3/4 full, and that's quite some figures for an art/inde film.

For those that doesn't know the name - Tsai Ming-liang's, well, he is a famous art film maker, a Sarawakian, resides in Taiwan.

I'm not a big fan of his work, however, I was introduced to his work by a friend - Boon Kui, many years ago while I was in college. I couldn't remember the name of that film, but that was consider my 1st exposure to real hardcore art film.

His famous signatures/stylse, are pausing a scene for more than 10mins, stunning colours, excellent lightings, superp camera angles, and very very little panning scene.

No acceptions, Hei Yan Quan has the Tsai Ming-liang's elements in it. Hei Yan Quan considers light and easier to digest for a Tsai Ming-liang's work, comparing to his older films.

He managed to bring out some social & international issues and human elements in a humorous/clever way, e.g. how people in Malaysia reacts to the Haze caused by the annual forrest fires from neighboring country, how family members can be selfish to each others, abusive employer to helpless employees, lives of foreign workers in Malaysia, how an individual (even homeless) needs LOVE from another person.

I nearly forgot to mention... there's almost no dialogue in this film. LOL~

Hei Yan Quan, like many other art/inde films, isn't favourable by a common audience, there were a couple walked out of the hall half way showing... LOL~ expected! For us (wildchild & myself), we did have fun watching it.

I always tell myself, when we go for an art film, we must watched it with an open mind, 'cos ART is subjective after all.

Sun Yan Tzi's Hardcore+Loyal Fans

Normally weekends at shopping complexes are full of events. The Curve is no acceptions.

There was a RedBox Karaoke and 98.9 FM (radio station) event, in conjunction with Sun Yan Tzi's new album promotion, i.e. Meet-the-Fans mini concert.

Unfortunately, it was pouring quite heavily before the event starts. However, this did not stop the event going on, as the fans were standing under a open space with raincoats and umbrellas.

Sun Yan Tzi's Loyal Hardcore Fans

To all Sun Yan Tzi's Fans there tonite... I SALUTE U GUYS! I'm sure Sun Yan Tzi will be really touched by you all, and hope you all have a great time meeting your favourite star!

"Don't 4get to call in for MC 2molo, as u'll need it after the concert"

Cinemas Today in Malaysia

Cinemas nowadays in Malaysia, especially in PJ/KL, are really different from 20 years ago.

FACTS of Cinemas today:

  • Cinemas are almost always crowded 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • choices of movies showing x10

  • more choices in Food & Beverages (some cinemas even have a dine-in restaurant)

  • gift stores can be found almost every major cinemas

  • every corners are covered with marketing, advertising and promotions gimmicks

  • 95% of the movies tied up with sponsors (consumer products)

  • ...and more

No wonder everyone wants a spot in a box-office movie. And that makes the film making becomes a very intensed+competitive industry. The A&P team is cracking their heads to come out with something new each time, i.e. new interactive websites, huge+large billboards, exordinary standees, buntings and banners, and new medias.

Today at Cineleisure, I noticed this new media, while I was queing up for tickets - Interactive Zone! It's not a new tech, but the idea is something fresh to me (at least from advertising & promotion (A&P) view).

What it actually does is by projecting some 3D animated videos (product oriented) on wall, with some motion sensor attached to the projector on the ceiling, where it captures people's movement and reacts.

this is the path, where you stand or walk

and it reacts to your movment

quite cool, rite?

Check out also some of the up & coming movies' cool promotional items:

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

The Simpsons

Cineleisure - Sunday, 03 June 2007

We (wildchild and I) went to Cineleisure to catch a Tsai Ming-liang's Hei Yan Quan (I Don't Want to Sleep Alone) (read my review HERE), today...

Normally on weekends, The Curve, Cineleisure and Ikea/Ikano are crowded, but not Cathay Cinema. However, today is a bit unusual.

Extended long que... zzzzzzz.

Village Park Restaurant

I had a very nice nasi lemak today at Village Park Restaurant, Damansara Utama.

From far, I saw a banner outside the shop stating - "FAMOUS NASI LEMAK@Damansara Utama"... and in my heart, "we'll find out later..."

Upon arriving at the door, the shop was packed, and we were greeted warmly by a staff.

Then we were lead to a table for two. The place isn't too big, but cozy, crowded but not congested, air-conned, 2 TVs showing ASTRO, and there are notices on the wall - "PLEASE DO NOT USE LAPTOP DURING THESE HOURS - 1200 - 1400hrs" (LOL~).

From the menu (quite some choices they have there), I ordered the house famous - Village Park Nasi Lemak: Ayam Rendang, while wildchild went to explore the dish bar, and came back only to find out, we are having the same thing... LOL~

Here comes the food:

Village Park Nasi Lemak: Ayam Rendang


Iced Milo-O-Dinosaur

YEAP! odd name. In fact, I had something like that at a mamak stall last November, when I was in Singapore, which shared a similar name - "something-milo-dinosaur". It's actually "Iced Blended Milo with Milo Powder Topping".

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