Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trip: KK, June 2008 - prelude

In 12hours time, I'll be on a plane, flying back to my hometown - KK.

Bringing a team of 6 (including myself) to climb Mt K. This will be my 4th time, and 1st & 2nd time for the rest.

The Team is make up different talents from different and yet related field...
01) Khoo - Indie Film Maker - 1st time;
02) Wai Onn - Audio Engineer - 2nd time;
03) Wei Tzen - Account Director - 1st time;
04) May - Business Development Manager - 1st time;
05) Wildchild - Audio Post Producer - 2nd time;
06) penman - 1 leg kicker!

We've been trainning for weeks... sometimes at Bukit Tabur, Taman Tun, Bukit Gasing, etc... I shall say, Bukit Gasing has the closet terrain for it, minus the mosquitos and the heat.

Can't wait to be back at home... miss home, miss my parents+family (eventhough I get to see them in KL sometimes, but meeting them back in home is so much nicer), miss my dog, miss the food, miss my friends, miss the PEOPLE!!!

This might be my 4th time climbing Mt K... many will think I must be crazy, and got nothing better to do. Well, if you really been up there, you'll know why I would still come back, and still excited about it every time. Words & Photos can't describe it... only personal experience will know. However, I shall still post photos, when back.

This trip back home... will be a very special+meaningful trip for me... not about going up to the highest peak in South East Asia for the forth time... only this time, I'm going up there with a proposal ring.

...stay tune for more.


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