Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How to share a wireless connection from a Mac to a Nintendo DS (for OS X 10.4)

  1. Make sure you're connected to the internet via something other than the AirPort card (i.e. Ethernet).

  2. Turn on Internet Sharing:

    • Go to System Preferences, click on the Sharing icon, then click on the Internet tab.

    • Change the Share your connection from: pop-up to Built-in Ethernet.

    • Under the To computers using section, check the AirPort box.

    • Click AirPort Options...

      • Enter an easy name such as nds. Leave all the security options blank -- implementing security is an exercise left to the reader -- then click OK.

    • Click Start in the Internet Sharing panel.

    For sharing internet access with other computers, this is usually sufficient. However, the DS doesn't play well with the built-in DHCP server, so we have to manually configure the DS. To do this we, must gather some info...

  3. Gather Information:

    • Open and type ifconfig en1. In the output...

      • Look for: inet netmask ...

      • Take note the IP Address (the x's) associated with the first inet (mine was; yours may be different).

  4. Configure the DS:

    • Edit your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings from within a compatible game.

    • Select a connection to edit.

    • Choose Manual Setup.

    • Enter the following parameters:

      • SSID: nds (or whatever you chose in step one)

      • Auto-obtain IP Address: No

      • IP Address: Take the first IP Address you obtained earlier, and make the last digit bigger. i.e., mine could be

      • Subnet mask:

      • Gateway: The first IP Address, unchanged. (e.g.

      • Auto-obtain DNS: No

      • Primary DNS: this is the IP Address of the Airport. This is not the server address found with dig in Terminal. Again, mine was

      • Secondary DNS: blank.

    • Test Connection in the upper right corner of the touch screen. This should work, and you should get a Connection Successful message and be returned to the Settings page.

  5. Save Settings and click Back twice.

Disclaimer: I will accept no responsibility for the use or misuse of software or hardware, for any damage that may be caused by the software or hardware. I am not responsible for any charges you may incur from your cellular provider as a result of using this instruction set.

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Original articles from

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note: I gathered references from these 2 articles and made a little adjustment myself, so that the instructions are clearer. Enjoy ur WiFi now, MAC USERS FTW!!!

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