Tuesday, May 30, 2006

10 years of collections

this is my collection of coca-cola. took me of 10 years time to collect all that.

I have some of the limited addition such as World Cup 98 in France (where Scores were printed on the can after each match), US Christmas Gold can, japan mini can, China, Africa, Russia, Holland, SG, MY, AU, NZ, Germany, etc...

however, all these gone into the "longkang" (drain) and the cans are in the recycle bin.

on 1 Sunday nite in year 2006, while I was PVPing (WoW), suddenly a loud burst!

1 of the aged pressured cans... became unstable, burst its vein like a crime scene.

It happened before, it happened again, and I'm sure it'll happen in near future.

so I decided to bid farewell to these cool little red armies of mine - "You guys have been GR8!"

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I found it!


after 2 years of being idle...

I finally found my blog again.

I've totally forgotten about this blog and the URLs... hahahaha!

Since I've found it, let's start writing.

Have fun!

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