Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trip: KK, June 2008 - prelude

In 12hours time, I'll be on a plane, flying back to my hometown - KK.

Bringing a team of 6 (including myself) to climb Mt K. This will be my 4th time, and 1st & 2nd time for the rest.

The Team is make up different talents from different and yet related field...
01) Khoo - Indie Film Maker - 1st time;
02) Wai Onn - Audio Engineer - 2nd time;
03) Wei Tzen - Account Director - 1st time;
04) May - Business Development Manager - 1st time;
05) Wildchild - Audio Post Producer - 2nd time;
06) penman - 1 leg kicker!

We've been trainning for weeks... sometimes at Bukit Tabur, Taman Tun, Bukit Gasing, etc... I shall say, Bukit Gasing has the closet terrain for it, minus the mosquitos and the heat.

Can't wait to be back at home... miss home, miss my parents+family (eventhough I get to see them in KL sometimes, but meeting them back in home is so much nicer), miss my dog, miss the food, miss my friends, miss the PEOPLE!!!

This might be my 4th time climbing Mt K... many will think I must be crazy, and got nothing better to do. Well, if you really been up there, you'll know why I would still come back, and still excited about it every time. Words & Photos can't describe it... only personal experience will know. However, I shall still post photos, when back.

This trip back home... will be a very special+meaningful trip for me... not about going up to the highest peak in South East Asia for the forth time... only this time, I'm going up there with a proposal ring.

...stay tune for more.


Friday, May 30, 2008

3 New Colours for DS

Europe gets 3 new colours - Red, Turquoise or Green.

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Official Nintendo Europe;

Saturday, May 17, 2008


To all my readers out there,

As I was browsing clickstartplay.com this morning, I've come accrossed with this useful thread taken from lowyat.net - a list of channels where you can contribute in the recent China Earthquake Aid Fund.

I didn't go through all the URLs, but some of the bignames like RedCross China, Jet Li’s One Foundation below are trustworthy.

I pray that more donations+aids will be provided to the victims and more survivals will be rescued.

May God continue to bless+guide us all.

- - - - - - -

RedCross China - Open for Online Donation NOW

RED CROSS is the one who organize the activities for donation with Taiwan,China,Hong Kong Artists... pls kindly show ur love...thank you...

Help the Sichuan, China Earthquake Victims / 帮助四川地震灾民
May 14, 2008 — lifeinmotion


Send Cheques to:
Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Society
Address : office at 316, Jalan Macalister, 10460 Penang

Direct Online Bank TT to :
Maybank account 507013126489
Public Bank account 3102212517

Or Bank In cheques to:
Maybank account 507013126489 at 9, Union Street
Public Bank account 3102212517 at 87, Lebuh Bishop.

FOR YAYASAN SIN CHEW, send/Direct Bank In cheques to:
2-12479-00043019 (RHB Bank)
or send to 星洲日报总社义款部 19, Jalan Semagat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

World Vision Malaysia (Contributions to World Vision Malaysia are not tax deductible)
For updates, please visit: http://www.wvasiapacific.org/
To contribute, please click to download PDF form or JPEG form.


To donate directly to a Chinese Non-profit, a good choice is Jet Li’s One Foundation. Jet Li is an ambassador for the Red Cross Society of China. His fund, as of 4/15/2008, has raised RMB 10,677,267 ($6,590/RMB 46,130 from Paypal donations)

Click on the “paypal” button

The site is in Chinese only, but I have read it. One key point to know about your donation there:
1. The FULL amount of your donation will be transferred to the Red Cross Society of China.

The website provides full transparency on how its funds are distributed.


I Googled the foundation and found quite a bit of press coverage, so I felt comfortable posting it as a donation destination.


FINALLY! You can now donate directly to the American Red Cross China Relief fund. The link is provided below, before you donate, please read the paragraphs regarding fund use:


Additional information regarding relief efforts by the American Red Cross is provided here

A recent post in this group mentions the possibility that donations to the American Red Cross does not fully transfer over to the Red Cross Society of China. I am attempting to reach the local director of the Red Cross in my area for a clarification on the exact use of fund for everyone, but probably won’t get an answer until tomorrow afternoon.

If anyone has any clarification on the matter please let everyone know ASAP.

All this being said, ARC does have a four star rating from Charity Navigator for its effective use of donations. http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm/bay/content.view/catid/2/cpid/43.htm
And your donation will be used specifically for the Chinese Relief effort.

However, your donation maybe be put to best use by directly wiring money to the Red Cross Society of China (listed in the CHINA section) or through Jet Li’s One Foundation (listed in the INTERNATIONAL section) rather than the American Red Cross.

More updates to come.

Directly wiring your donation to Chinese banks is possible:

Account name: Red Cross Society of China

RMB Donations:
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China:
人民币开户行: 中国工商银行 北京分行东四南支行
人民币账号: 0200001009014413252

Foreign Current Donations:
CITIC Bank branch:
外币账号: 7112111482600000209

Hotline: (8610) 65139999
Online donations:
Red Cross Society of China website: www.redcross.org.cn

Thank you Clare Gu for the notification!

Online donation for Hong Kong Credit Card Holders
Hong Kong Red Cross:
Thank you Fan Zhang!




Allows online donors to direct their funds to the China Earthquake Relief effort


Direct donations to the Chinese Earthquake Effort via Online Payment has been posted.
Thank you Anna Judson for the notice!


- - - - - - -

taken from http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/697739/+0&#entry17393268

you can find out more channels/sources on how to make your donations on the same thread (more updates from time to time, contributed by LYN Forumers.)

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