Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2007 Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2008!

Dear Family & Friends,

It's the most wonderful time of the year again! ^0^

I have a Christmas Story to tell... I inherited a mini Christmas Tree, when my 1 of my sister is going back home to KK years ago. I put it up every year, light up the lights, and play Christmas Songs.

I used to buy 1 ornament each year for the tree too, to mark 1 year celebrating Christmas away from home. However, I stopped doing that, 'cos I noticed I'll have problem putting all of them on my desk later on, If I continue doing that. LOL~ >ip

This is the 10th time I put it up... that's how long I've left home. T.T

Anyway, my mini Christmas Tree, and it wishes everyone - "a Wonderful 2007 Christmas & a Blessed New Year 2008"


by the way, I've done up a few Christmas Card this year. Feel free to download and use it!

[note]: It's in PDF format, you can print out fall it into half as a card. ^0^

Here by I would like to wish everyone a Wonderful 2007 Christmas & a Blessed New Year 2008.


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