Friday, December 07, 2007

J. Co: Donuts & Coffee

There's rumour saying, a new PWNING donut shop is in town, a very very long "S" que always sighted at there outlets, it's - J.Co Donuts & Coffee. The latest Indonesia donuts chain store in Malaysia.

After dinner on Friday night, LµÇkÿ $†àŘ, Wildchild and myself went jalan-jalan at New Wing, Sunway Pyramid. And we witnessed the "rumoured" que... and it wasn't rumour, it's real. Being a typical Malaysian, we went and join the wagon.

Nice interior setup, interesting operations for a donut shop (not that I'm an expert in donutology). I was snapping non-stop til 1 sales attendant stopped me.

Anyway, they offer various flavoured of donuts, we bought 6, but managed only to try 3, 'cos we were to greedy & full!!!

I managed to photographed these extras, thanks to a friend - Ling., who bought a dozen for her family on another day.

Courtesy Donuts from Ling.

Managed to find a spot for ourselves, sit down, we were kinda puzzle, how to start/eat, 'cos these donuts are covered with toppings... and the following are the experience of our FIRST ENCOUNTER...

For some reasons, all my friends that have tried J.Co, we all agreed & shared a common experience... all of us encountered the same feeling from the first bite - IT'S LOVE AT FIRST BITE!

I don't know about others, perhaps you can try and share your experience with others too...



External Link
Official Site;
Sunway Pyramid;


There'll be a HobbyCon this coming Saturday, 08 December 2007 at Asia City Complex, Kota Kinabalu.

Photo Courtesy of Im Julian

date: 08 - 09 December 2007;
time: 9am - 9pm;
venue: Asia City Complex;

I'm really excited about it, as this is probably the first HobbyCon ever held in Sabah. This is organised by a bunch of young+hot+passionate+hobbyists from (CSP) (my gang of new frens! ^0^)

The event will cover a series of activities, such as:

  • Pump It Up;

  • Board Games and Card Games;

    • Magic: The Gathering;

    • Warhammer 40k;

    • Board Games;

  • Computer Gaming;

  • Cosplaying;

  • Dance Performances;

  • Live Blogging;

  • Manga;

  • PSP and NDS Zone;

  • Toys, Figurines and Model Display;

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend it... 'cos I won't be going back KK anytime earlier. T_T

However, they have all my full support I can provide.

Usachan Peace v(^_^)V

For more info, kindly visit the following links:
Official Blog; LIVE COVERAGE!!!
Official Site;
Forum; (CSP);
HobbyCon News;
Hobbycon preview 1: Magic The Gathering Card Game;
Hobbycon preview 2: KK's 1st Doujin FOR SALE!!!;

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas 2007 at 1Utama

I have an habit of visiting various shopping mall during Christmas month, to see the effort of each mall put in to live up the place. For this year... I'm pretty impressed with 1Utama New Wing.

It's so fun+magical to me!


This was the 1st Saturday of December, and look at the mood+atmosphere at 1Utama.

I must say, the management of 1Utama had really put in lotsa effort. Check out all the ornaments on each Tree. And there were dozens of Christmas trees. I really salute the team behind all this, not to mention those staffs/hired workers to put up all these.

"Your Effort are Greatly Appreciated! Your work made everyone smile+happy"


On our way back, I discovered these 4 fellas!

I heard The Curve has very nice set up too, I'll pay them a visit soon.

Merry Christmas!!!


Neway Karaoke

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