Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gillette® M3Power™

I got a new toy - the ultimate Gillette® M3Power™!!! ^0^


  • Battery-Power™
    With the built-in motor, featuring a M3Power™ that sends micro-pulses to the blades, that allows the user to get a remarkably close and more thorough shave, less irritation and missed hairs, with one easy power stroke.

  • PowerGlide™ Blades
    is the Gillette®'s patented blade coating, with independently responsive spring-mounted blades, progressive Blade Alignment, 10 soft flexible microfins, forward Pivot and easy loading catridges.

  • Indicator® Lubrastrip™
    with Vitamin E and Aloe.

My Thoughts
WOW!!! Perfect clean shave! LOL~ NICE!!! ^0^

First contact, it really feels like a conventional shaving blade meets eletronic shaver! But, it does a better+cleaner job! Eletric shaver is too bulky and consume more power (2-3 AAA batteries). This Gillette® M3Power™ only needs 1 AAA battery.

Besides that, I can feel my face, just had a good massage too! LOL~

Swensen @ SS2

Swensen is a colourful, vibrant, & sweet restaurant. Regardless who visits the place, (i.e. an adult, a couples, or kids...), and they always come out with a happy face!

It's like a happy land!

the environment

My thoughs:
The food & beverages here are ok, 'cos that's not their main business. Normally, people go there for the ice-cream, and it's also a nice place to chill out too (NO ALCHOHOL for me).

and tonight we had:

Top-less Five, with our choices of toppings.

It's a good choice for 2 person sharing.

and it only cost:

Good deal ^0^

On every Tuesday, Swensen will be packed with happy crowds! Everyone is there to eat EARTHQUAKE for 50% OFF!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sushi Tomo 壽司•友 @ SS2

Sushi Tomo had gain some recognition since it started business a while back.

The owner is a Korean, however, I think the wife is a Japanese. Very unique duo (if you know what I mean)! ^0^

Sushi Tomo@SS2

The Environment
Check out the setup for Sushi Tomo. I find it cool!

the environment

traditional printed menu

friendly customer

really cool customer

My thoughs:
We enjoy the nice environment here. We like the food, and happy with the price. And tonight we had:

green tea with ice

soy sauce

cawan mushi

Fresh Raw Salmon hand roll

Beef Bulgogi

Japanese Garlic Fried Rice

Miso Soup, comes with the Fried Rice

Spider Maki

& this is our total bill, reasonable right?

I believed Sushi Tomo is the 1st Sushi restaurant, introduced "touch-screen" menu in Klang Valley... pretty cool!

digital menu - with Touch Screen features

They are open for lunch too.

Set Lunch Promo.

According to my buddy - Seth.Frost, many of his gal frens, like his GF and my GF... likes to go Sushi Tomo, besides the nice Sushi there... another reason is to check out this chef - a young good looking lad (-_-"), with talented skills in japanese cuisine. We believed he's the owner's son (but again we could be wrong).

To be honest, I stopped going there for awhile, as the last visit, he wasn't there, and the food quality dropped. We thought that's it. However, recently Seth.Frost went, and ensured us that the food is still nice. Perhaps the "hensumu"* chef wasn't around. hehehehehe~

Sushi Tomo 壽司•友
8, Jalan SS 2/67
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

tel/fax: +60-3-7877 6485

Operating Hours are:
Lunch 12.00pm - 3.00pm
Dinner 6.00pm - 11.00pm

Lunch 12.00pm - 4.00pm
Dinner 6.00pm - 11.00pm

Apple - iPhone

In a few hours time, iPhone will go on sale in US, available at all Apple’s retail stores and AT&T’s select retail stores in US.

I'm pretty excited... but there's nothing I can do but to view it online.

I hope in 6 - 12 months time, we can get it in Malaysia.

How I wish I can be at NY's 5th Avenue this hour...

My Thoughts
GEE! What can I say... it's a Mac!

Where to get
Unfortunately, currently it's only available in US, and with AT&T's mobile plans.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Korean House @ SS2

Restoran Korean House is a new Korean BBQ restaurant, opend recently at SS2.

The shop previously was a Chinese restaurant named - Fusan. It's located near the SS2 Police Station. Next to it, is the "Teo Chew Poridge House", same row as the well-known Tea Pot Cafe.

Restoran Korean House@SS2

a typical Korean restaurant table set up.

our BBQ pit is being heated up, with smokeless burning charcoal underneath. While waiting, we were served with some traditional appetizer/side dishes

1st BBQ dish work in progress - Joomoolluck.

more side dishes served.

here comes the Samgypsal

an aerial view of our food.

the happening Gimchi Soup... that I couldn't take. -_-"

shredded pork with sweet corn (1 of the side dishes).

* documentation was interrupted during this time... as everyone was in "NO TIME! NOT FREE!" mode... eating!!! -_-" *

So how's the food
Well... picture speaks a thousand words...

Khoo & JeeYin


eh... this 1 "dap toi" one... -_-!!

LOOK! even this fella oso stick out his tongue!!!

Price: TOTAL - RM170.95 (inclusive 15% tax);

  • Samgypsal x1 - grilled pork belly

  • Deji-galbi x1 - pork short ribs

  • Joomoolluck x1 - hand marinated beef ribs

  • Gimchi-jjige x1 - Gimchi Soup

  • Rice x8 - eh... we had 8 bowls of Korean rice... -_-"

My thoughs:
Authentic Korean food, with excellent hospitality, and price is consider reasonable for Korean BBQ dinner. A good choice for a small group of friends. We had a lovely+wonderful dinner!

The BBQ meats are KILLER!!! Very well marinated, fresh and tender, and nice portion.

For some reason... Korean rice is damn bloody expensive. I don't kno why? anyone can enlighten me? o.O?

Check out the price for the rice... -_-!!

Restaurant Korean House
No. 185, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Picross DS

YEAH! another puzzle game. In Picross DS, you must reveal a hidden image that lies beneath the puzzle, by filling in a grid with squares and crosses to complete patterns, within a given time frame.

My Thoughts
BEWARE OF Picross!!! 'cos it can be very addictive... hahahaha! I'm serious! The puzzles are in simple bitmap graphics, but to reveal them, you need some mind juice!

If you like puzzle game, this is one good choice!


  • you can design your own picross puzzles

  • trade puzzles with your friends via local wireless or Nintendo WFC

  • download daily picross puzzle from Nintendo

  • multiplayer

  • rumble pack compatible

External Links
Nintendo site

Where to get
You can order it from

Release Date: Aug 2007;
Genre: puzzle;
Version: US;
Mode: Single player, Multiplayer;
RANK: 4.5/5;

- - - - - - -
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Picross DS - part 2;

Monday, June 25, 2007

Chee Cheong Fun 豬腸粉 @ SS2

SS2 is famous for food, where you can access to variety of delicious hawker style food almost 24hours. There's this famous Chee Cheong Fun stall by the road side opposite Nam Heong Chicken Rice.), where we normally go on Sunday night.

The famous Chee Cheong Fun stall@SS2.

Chee Cheong Fun is normally a self-service hawker stall, where you can mix and match, customised as you prefered.

"Self Service", Yong To Fu, Chee Cheong Fun, RM0.60 per piece".

you pick up a plate from the stall, like this customer... -_-"

mix and match your choice of stuffed vegetables or tofu, fritters, fishballs, meatballs, etc...

after you have your selections ready, kindly place it near the chopping board. And the Chee Cheong Fun Uncle will attend to you shortly.

Now this is where you order the "Main Course" - Chee Cheong Fun.

Chee Cheong Fun comes in 3 types, common types are round type (which looks like intestine) and the flat type (looks like pieces of oilly white cloth). As for the 3rd type, it contains vegetable fillings (rare).

Then the Uncle will cut & slice, the quantity of Chee Cheong Fun, as per your ordered. Then Uncle will ask how would you like your Chee Cheong Fun?

Here again, you can customise...
a) black sweet sauce (normally home brewed);
b) special home made chili sauce;
c) sesami;
d) assorted oil;
e) soya sauce;
f) curry gravy;
g) all the above;

my choice for today - a, c, d, e, & f
Price: RM 6.60;

My Thoughts
It's a happy+fun+delicious relaxing meal!

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