Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Auto Pilot Mode

"If you can spend no more than 15 mins a day doing the same thing, consecutively every day, for a week... it'll become part of your life soon... i.e. Habit"

I think I got that from a friend, who attended Stephen R. Covey's 7 Habits seminar years ago.

It's actually very true. That's how you train to have a good habit, or pick up a bad habit... LOL~

Everyday, I drive to work using the expressway, while I'm on the wheel, normally I'll either have a devotional time with God or do some thinking, 'cos it takes about 15-20 mins drive, and perhaps that slowly becomes a habit - i.e. Auto Pilot Mode.

I've become so familiar with the road, that I no longer need to "see", I know when to slow down, when to step on the accelerator, this corner always got noobs, etc... Everything is auto pilot mode, I'm driving, however my mind is not on the wheel.

Take this morning for example, the moment I enter the expressway, I switched into auto pilot mode subconsciously, before I realised, I was near my office area.

Occasionally, during weekends or public holidays, I'll automatically make the usual exit, and end up at the wrong side of the city, and that explains why I always late to pick up my GF. LOL~


wildchild said...

Now I know why ya owiz LATE!
You NOOB... hahahaha...
( dun forget, u taught me this word :p )

mr-penman said...

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