Saturday, June 02, 2007

Litt Tak Warehouse Sales

a group of us (andy_lhc, reveur, reveuress, phoenix_cyper_k1, wildchild and mr-penman), set out to have a meaningful public holiday weekend on Agong's birthday.

So the plan was:
1) Pre-Quest: Have Dim Sum Breakfast at Hong Kei Dim Sum (SS22, Damansara Jaya, PJ), 8 am;
2) Main Quest: Check out The Ultimate LITT TAK WAREHOUSE SALES!

(Yes, Litt Tak the main distributors for Bandai Stuff in Malaysia - GUNDAM!!!)

the 1st one was easy, completed within 45mins. After a satisfactory dimsum breakfast, we set out for our main quest, in Final Fantasy style, exploring new map/territory... reason being non of us is familiar with Cheras, and we got our way lost, due to a very misleading map advertised on newspaper. -_-"

We got stuck at Giant, so we studied the map again, and decide to continue the rest of the journey by foot, 'cos every ones agreed & believed it's "nearby-only~lah".

here we go... on foot.

and we were so wrong... it's further then we thought. -_-" Immediately, we turned around to get our chocobos & cruisers.

Finally, we found the place... woooot!!!!

I parked my cruisers, I rushed to the entrance (...leaving the rest of the members behind, including my GF...).

Turn on my radar, nothing shows up at Ground Floor. So I ran upstairs, and WAH-LAH:

Phoenix was so happy, to see the GUNDAMS

After 30 mins of struggling... I finally decided to get this MG RX-178 Gundam Mk II Ver.2.0.

Look at that happy face! woooot!!!

It was a successful trip, everyone was jumping & celebrating, just like end of fight in FF...

(eh... not quite. -_-")

Anyway, when I reached home, I took out 2 very, very old gunpla.

(MS-06S ZAKU II [1998], GUNDAM RX-78-2 [1998], RX-178 GUNDAM Mk II [2007])

(RX-178 GUNDAM Mk II [2007])

NEXT: to get paint, tools and time to fix it! - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!