Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What can we do with RM50 a month?

Have you ever wonder, what can we do with a RM50 a month? besides for our own interest...

Well, we can help lives, by becoming a Child Sponsor at World Vision.

With only RM50 a month from us, a child is blessed with Clean water, Health care, Food & Agriculture, Education, Economic Development, and FUTURE!

I've been sponsoring 2 thai kids for the past 5 years, and I can ensure you, it's really a great experience to be part of and able to help someone elses' lives. I received season greeting cards/letters from them periodically, telling me how are they doing in their studies, how grateful they are, because of my contributions, they can study, and have their dreams fulfilled.

"A small gesture, that make a big difference"

For more info on, how to become a Child Sponsor, you can visit www.worldvision.com.my.

Building a better world for children.

Let's be a blessing to others!

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