Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How to set up wireless connection for GW-US54Mini2G to DS

note: Please make sure you have your PC/laptop's WiFi disabled, before starting.

1) Driver
Download the latest driver from Planex:

don't use the driver from the CD, as I believed that version is buggy.

2) Installations
Please refer to the User's Manual... and take note on the following:

Chapter 2
#1. ...
#4. choose "Planex Configuratiohn Tool";
#5. choose Optimize for performance mode";

3) Configurations on GW-US54Mini2

  • Look for the "PCi" icon at Taskbar;

  • Right click and select "Switch to AP Mode"

  • Once you "Switch to AP Mode", you should see the utility pop up below.
    Here you have to set your "SSID" to any name of your choice.

    1. by default, it's "planexuser";

    2. Clicking on "Auth. vs Security" will allow you to configure the security. This step is optional.

  • If you choose to set the security, kindly configure according to the following:

    password = can be any 5 alphanumeric characters, e.g. AB123;

  • There's another window that pop up when you "Switch to AP Mode", i.e. Internet Connection Sharing with SoftAP - an ICS bridging for the software AP.

    1. Select the "name" of your Ehternet Adapter;

    2. Click "Enable ICS";

  • Done.

4) Configurations on NDSL
To test the WiFi connection, turn on your NDSL with any games that have WiFi capability.

The easiest NDS game to configure/test your WiFi settings, would be Mario DS Kart.

Just go to the WFC Setup screen, and choose "Search for an Access Point", and it shall be able to pick up/recognise the signal, from your PC/Laptop automatically.

However, if you are not sure what to do, kindly refer to:
1) Planex -; OR

2) The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Insturction Booklet that comes with the game;

I no longer own/use this product, as I felt cheated with the misleading information on their website and packaging. Here's the story...

I bought this product, because it stated on the website as well as on the packaging - Windows 2003x64/2003/XP/Me/98SE/Mac OS X (PowerPC only)/Linux, and Nintendo WiFi Connection (by the way, I'm a Mac user).

After getting it, I couldn't get it work on my Mac. So I took my GF's Dell (under Windows XP environment) and it worked (see above's pictorial guide).

Therefore I wrote an email to Planex Support (in Taiwan and Singapore), the main distributor in Malaysia and the shop that sold it to me. They were very helpful (except Taiwan, probably because of language barrier, they couldn't respond well to English). After a series of emails, finally we all discovered... AP (Access Point) isn't available for OS X...

I was quite upset, and told them they shouldn't advertise it as "DS Support" and "Mac Support".

Immediately they change the info on the website, and issue new stickers on all the boxes, stating AP is available only in WinXP/XPx64.

Do I not feel cheated?


So I did some research myself later from the net, and discovered that Mac users need no 3rd party devices to connect your DS to go online (read more HERE). And I sold off my GW-US54Mini2G.

So far, I got mixed review from a few different forums, some claims is as easy as 123, to get it work, some until today still can't get it work. Therefore, I'm not sure about the compatibility of this product.

However, I hope my pictorial guide will still help the windows users. If you can't get it work, perhaps you can try Planex's Support page or try contacting them HERE.

I'm sorry, I couldn't help you any further, as I no longer have the device.


SWATおかみ said...

Hey~ cool and detailed review!
A very good review for those who use mac.
a very good contribute for DS + MAC user.

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mr-penman said...

thanx... however, eh... u commented on the wrong article...

this 1 is for the USB WiFi - GW-US54Mini2G...



Kanyuu said...

strange, it connects properly with my NDSL but my laptop just wouldn't connect, any idea? - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!