Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cassette Man (aka Soundwave)

I'm gonna showcase my toys from my childhood. I still have all of them in my room at my parents' place.

This one is especially for Nick & SWATTY! ^0^

This is Soundwave, but it's in its original Japanese Takara edition, known as Cassette Man from Micro Change Series.

I got it from Yaohan (SG) in Year 1983.

Cassette Man aka Soundwave

When I was studying in KL, on and off, there would be some guests with kids visiting my parents place. Most of the time, these kids will enter my room... and when they did, this is what happened to some of my toys...

I only found out the fate of Frenzy like 10 years later. -_-"


Friday, October 26, 2007

a place I called home - part 01

YAAAATAAAA!!! I'm back home!

so happy+excited!

missed the air, people, food, sky, moon so much!!!

Had good food (went to 3 eating places in less than 5 hours time... -_-")

tomorrow will have breakfast with penpa+penma before heading to National Park and spend a night.

I heard it's really cold now, up there...



Thursday, October 25, 2007

1 more day

so excited... despite all the stress from work.

When think about going back home soon, all the worries/stress just vanished like that.

not to mention, wildchild has planned out the route for our food frenzy!!! jenma will be coming along too, and this will be her 1st time to Sabah.

In fact, one of my friend - mich is already in KK, Sabah with her hubby. I didn't know she bought ticket earlier on, other wise, will plan to go back together.


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