Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy 20|07|2007

Wishing everyone, a wonderful 20|07|2007!!!



pig: no idea... from emoticon, thanks to the creator! ^0^;
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I took this about one hour ago, when I was out for lunch.

My thoughts:
I think the driver and his partner, went for lunch, then came back, started the engine, however had forgotten the gear was shifted to 1st gear (for parking)...

poor fella! the boss will be so mad at you guys...

I'm not sure if there's anyone is seriously hurt, minor probably... but no casualties for sure. 'cos I checked! However, no signs of the driver and the passengers, tho'...

To GDO, loosing one truck may already affecting your sales/productivity. Not to mention, your website isn't working either (at this point of time) - hope you have everything resolved soon, ALL THE BEST!!!

Updates is back online! ^0^

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Secret Recipe @ Pusat Damansara

This is one of my favourite lazy hang out place for the weekend - Secret Recipe, Pusat Damansara. It's just directly opposite Millennium Tower. I like the mood there, one long lazy stretch of street, no busy traffics, minimal crowd, etc...

Secret Recipe at Pusat Damansara

My thoughts:
Secret Recipe's cakes are paradise!!! They have 30 over types of cakes on their catalogue, and majority of them are NICE!!! However, the food is not that great, to be honest, and the drinks are overpriced!!! Anyway, we ordered these for lunch:

Roast Chicken with some gravy/sacuce that starts with "T"

looks good, but tasteless.

Lasagna Beef

nothing great about it

and finally... Ladies & Gentlement, I present you the Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence


as for drinks, these are the "overpriced" drinks...
Frosty Lemon Tea

apple juice

Secret Recipe has an impressive marketing strategy. One of the fastest growing homegrown brand, which won "Superbrand of Malaysia 2003-4", and expanded to the neighbouring countries, i.e. Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Philippines.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Microsoft's Silverlight - the new competitor to Adobe's Flash?

is a media player developed by Microsoft, that runs web applications on both Windows and the Mac in IE, Firefox and Safari (not for Opera users yet).

Beside having the capabilities to run cross-browser, cross-platform, and vector based graphics, (like Adobe's Flash), it allows .NET developer to use it.

I've downloaded and installed it on a WinXP, running on Firefow. However, I can't see a thing. LOL~ Perhaps it's still beta.

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Restoran Hoppy 好比 @ SS2

Restoran Hoppy 好比 is quite a well-known shop at SS2, due to it's famous landmark -

Hoppy 好比 the giant duck - a well known landmark in SS2.

However, please do not judge Restoran Hoppy 好比, by it's bold marketing act. This shop actually serves good food.

Restoran Hoppy 好比

My thoughts:
Beside single person meal or a lar carte, there are a few variety of Set Meals on the menu, catering for small, medium and larger crowd.

For us, we had Set A for lunch, over the weekend, just nice for 2 person.

Set A is actually cater for 2-3 persons. And it comes with 1 portion of duck, 1 portion of chicken, 1 plate of vege, 1 bowl of soup, 1 plate of minced meat tofu, and 2-3 rice.

so how's the food?
Well, see for youself...

wildchild can really eat... -_-"

Riceman FTW!!!

winter melon herbal tea (cold)

I'm more of a chicken person than duck. However, Hoppy 好比's duck is really delicious. One of my favourite place to eat duck. The duck is marinated with Chinese herbs, and it tastes and smells good (if u like Chinese herbs). I can just order 1 bowl of the duck gravy, and go with 5 bowls of rice.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Restoran Sin Lai Ping 新利濱 @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

Restoran Sin Lai Ping 新利濱

Restoran Sin Lai Ping 新利濱

My thoughts:
These are my favourite:

Deep fried chicken in butter milk style 奶油雞 a MUST TRY dish!!!

Steam eggs combo: egg+salted egg+century egg 三黃蒸蛋

fried "yaomak" with Chinese Butter (fermented bean curd)

Complementary soup - White carrot soup with pork and black pepper

Chinese Tea Ice - another epic drink.

oh! don't forget to check out the satay, it's operated by 1 pakcik and 1 makcik. Another happening dish at Restoran Sin Lai Ping 新利濱.

Satay Stall


Satay sauce

When I was staying in Bangsar many years ago, this is where I had my dinner every night. Therefore, I'm very grateful to this shop, without them, I would have died from fast food in Bangsar. >_<

This shop also have another name refer and known to friends around me - Hill of Siu Keong 小強山. You probably wonder why? Afterall, Siu Keong 小強 is refering to cockroach. Well, many years ago, when I was staying in Bangsar. A very generous+kind colleague of mine - Jess T (who always offer me a ride to buy dinner), before she drives home, gave me a ride again.

While we were waiting for my dinner in the car, suddenly we realised some activities going on, on the little slope in front of us. And Jess T turn on the head lights, only to witness the most incredible natural phenomena ever in our lifetime. There were thousands of Siu Keongs partying on that small hill. Literally the entire hill was like moving. NO KIDDING!!!

I didn't make this up... IT'S REAL!!! (I wished I had a digital camera back then.) Pleaes ask Jess T next time you see her?

I believed that happened due to the climate/weather, after all, insects or animals have a better senses to the nature. I'm not sure what did they sense, however, it's definitely not a rave party back there.

Ever since that incident, this place is known to me and my friends as Hill of Siu Keong 小強山.


Civil War

creative team
Writer(s): Mark Millar
Penciller(s): Steve McNiven
Inker(s): Dexter Vines
Colourist(s): Morry Hollowell

My thoughts:
Civil War is one of the biggest event ever happened in the Marvel Universe. I wanted to get it, ever since I read about this in 2006. However, there were too many branch out stories/series (the usual Marvel style... -_-").

Anyway, the story goes like this... there's a mega split between the superheroes upon the introduction of a Superhuman Registration Act. Basically there were 2 groups:

  • Anti-Registration;

  • Pro-Registration;

and they were at war, which later Captain America was assasinated...

bought this
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