Sunday, June 03, 2007

Village Park Restaurant

I had a very nice nasi lemak today at Village Park Restaurant, Damansara Utama.

From far, I saw a banner outside the shop stating - "FAMOUS NASI LEMAK@Damansara Utama"... and in my heart, "we'll find out later..."

Upon arriving at the door, the shop was packed, and we were greeted warmly by a staff.

Then we were lead to a table for two. The place isn't too big, but cozy, crowded but not congested, air-conned, 2 TVs showing ASTRO, and there are notices on the wall - "PLEASE DO NOT USE LAPTOP DURING THESE HOURS - 1200 - 1400hrs" (LOL~).

From the menu (quite some choices they have there), I ordered the house famous - Village Park Nasi Lemak: Ayam Rendang, while wildchild went to explore the dish bar, and came back only to find out, we are having the same thing... LOL~

Here comes the food:

Village Park Nasi Lemak: Ayam Rendang


Iced Milo-O-Dinosaur

YEAP! odd name. In fact, I had something like that at a mamak stall last November, when I was in Singapore, which shared a similar name - "something-milo-dinosaur". It's actually "Iced Blended Milo with Milo Powder Topping".

What's the Verdic?

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