Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Soya King

SOYA KING's Soya Milk FTW!!!

"Kak, soya milk satu, sama gula hitam, please~!"

DAMN! I finished the whole bottle in "auto pilot mode" again (LOL~ lame! >ip), without photographing it. -_-" zzzzzzz

anyway, they sell Tau Foo Far and Fruity Tau Foo Far as well, and both taste good!

you can go with either while sugar or brown sugar solution.

Unfortunately, the Fruity Tau Foo Far not available today... see the empty fridge at the right side?

I 4got to mention where's the location of this stall... LOL~ Thanks, Nick!

SOYA KING's Section 14 Stall is located beside the Vie On Chinese Herb Store. Just right behind Section 14's Post office, side by side across MayBank and TGIF.

1 comment:

wildchild said...

The Tau Foo Fa is extremely delicious. One of the best I ever eaten.

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