Friday, November 16, 2007

Noodle Stall @ Jeong Hin

The reason I keep visiting Jeong Hin, because of this ultimate noodle stall - The Kon Lao Mian Stall (aka dry noodle in Hakka dialect).


It doesn't have name, we've been referring it as "矮仔面" (Shorty Noodle) all these years.

Anyway, the stall operator isn't short (obviously... -_-")...

"Shorty" is actually refering to the shop owner by the townfolks. The stall owner is actually from Sibu, Sarawak. But he has been selling kon lao mian at Jeong Hin for 30 over years.


A long time tenant indeed, and I've been a proud loyal customer too, for 29 years!


Anyway, check out the popular - "Kon Lao Mian".

The noodle is homemade (not sure by him personally tho'), mixed with onion oil, sprinkle of deep fried red onions, served with Char Sao (BBQ Pork), Sao Nyuk (Roast Pork), and Sabah Famous - Chun Ghean (Spring Roll).

Most people are there for the noodle, however, I prefered the "Mi Foon" (aka Rice Noodle). Because I'm more of a "Mi Foon" person than a "Mian" person.

To me, this is a legendary food!!! Period.

Just by looking at the picture, I'm drooling & starving...

I miss home already... T_T

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Jeong Hin, Inanam

Inanam is an industrial area, a small town not very far from the City. It's currently one of the busiest satelite town in KK. I never stay here, however, Inanam has always been part of my childhood. Because this is the place my great grantparents first set foot, when they came from China.

My home church - BCCM Inanam, is here too. I used to visit this town every Sunday, for 20 over years. I never realise that Inanam, meant so much to me, until I left home for studies.

I can remember most of the old shops here, particularly this shop - Jeong Hin.

Jeong Hin is one of those small town kopitiam, where you sit back and enjoy your kopi, freshly steamed bao, while reading newspaper, and social with other folks at the same time.

I used to have breakfast here, almost every Sunday, before I go to Church. It was at the "new" old shops, then they shifted to the new shops many, many years back.

The shop owns by a tiny little old man, that married a very fierceful wife. When I was a kid, I always scared of her, but she's actually a kind lady, when she's not bossing around.

Jeong Hin is famous for their home made - Bread, Pastries, and Baos (Chinese Hamburgers!!!). Check out this pork Bao, or also known as - Zhu Nyuk Bao in Hakka.

A little story...
The tiny old man is probably one of the most hard working person you've ever met. You always find him, either busy making drinks for the customers at the back of the shop, preparing ingredient for the Baos, or doing some cleaning.

Over the years, he has passed on his leet skills in baking bread & baos to his son and son-in-law. The son-in-law was working side by side with the master for quite a number of years. He showed great passion in doing it, worked hard hopefully to master the skill one day. In fact, most customers find he's better than the master himself later.

A few trips back, my parents told me, the son-in-law had started his own business. Rumours has it that the son got jealous with him... some family disagreements, and he decided to leave and move on.

I no longer see the tiny little old man at the shop either, I'm wondering what happen to him? Hope he's healthy & strong.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Star Wars Collections

This is my proud collections, as these are really part of my childhood!!! I have lost some of the items over the years, as many kids had shared the joy of these little fellas.

There are still more, I didn't manage to shoot them:
01) all the cardboards came with the action figures;
02) diecast: landspeeder - where Luke & C3PO were on it (can't seem to locate it... T_T);
03) Millenium Falcon (Scale model kit) - belongs to my sis's fren in Uni. He didn't want it any more, when he completed his studies.

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