Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl: Grand Finale - part 01

WOW!!! I was at the Grand Finale of Malaysian Dreamgirl tonight.

Malaysian Dreamgirl is Malaysia's first online reality model search programme, view exclusively free online at http://www.malaysiandreamgirl.tv

I was there to replace my boss to do some social+PR work, to promote abt my company (which is something I really sux at... =_="). However, ended up having a good time witnessing such event for the first time.

It was certainly a great experience for me. I get to meet 12 stunning Malaysian Dream Girl - UP CLOSE & PERSONAL... but only I'm 50m away.


When I reached 1Utama around 6pm, there were already crowds flocking the entire Oval from LG to 3rd floor. I spotted:
• some contestants hardcore supportors;
• saw Kenny Sia, who is 1 of the judges... but I was too shy to go say "Hi..." >_<
• my gang from MNC;
• get to make a new friend - Ben (Nice to meet you, dude! ^0^);
• saw a buddy – Derric (thanks for sharing MDG Guide!);

Anyway, check out the Opening...

this is only the Part 01, as I'm busy watching the old episodes of Malaysian Dreamgirl from the website.

and /yawn zzzZZZZ

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