Monday, June 04, 2007

Marvel 1602

writer: Neil Gaiman;
artist: Andy Kubert;

bought this
from: BORDERS;
date: Sunday, 03 June 2007;

My thoughts:
Yesterday, I visited BORDERS, and I saw:

15% OFF for Graphics Novels/Comics*
* buy 2...

ah~ see? there were clauses... so I went looked around, see if I can grab anything for 15% OFF (CHEAPSKATE!!!)...


and I saw Earth X, immediately I can recognise the cover is done by Alex Ross, and I was holding it. Then, I saw Marvel 1602, WINNER OF A 2005 QUILL AWARD...

and in my heart thinking:"cool! this title won some award..what ever that award is..." LOL~ then I saw the name - "Andy Kubert".

I've always been a Andy Kubert's fan, since X-men, Wolverine time...

Unforunately, I stopped buying American comics 8-9 years back, due to the fact, they are expensive and poor stories, etc... i.e. I haven't been following the American titles for awhile.

So I turned the book around to read the summary, it seems like 1 of those "What IF" series by Marvel. As I read on, "OH! Marvel icons in the 17th Century - Queen Elizabeth I's reign, the Old English era", that is something interesting, more over, this title won an award, and it's Andy Kubert.

"OK~lah... I got 2 titles in hand oredi...", so I paid at the cashier.

Unwrapped it during dinner at Ikea... Andy Kubert's work, as good as before, however, I'm quite disappointed with the computer colouring... in fact, that's 1 reason why I stopped buying American Comics, digitised colouring, 'cos by doing that, the work will loose out the artists' touch. But can't help it, nowadays everything is digitised.

Read a few pages, seems to be a very nice+interesting plot.

it's always good to grab a few compliations (comics) during SALES, if you don't want to commit to titles.


jw said...

Heiiiii.... does the mr-penman library lend out comic books? Specifically this one? I loooove Neil Gaiman... so much that when I finally met him after 90minutes standing in line in NY, i was SPEECHLESS. hahahah mute chinese girl.

mr-penman said...

WAH! u so hardcore!

LOL~ sure!

but u must apply membership from THE MR-PENMAN LIBARY 1st...

Annual fee - RM20 a year.

Please proceed to HERE for membership registrations.

mr-penman said...

Just finished Chapter One... and it's nice!

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