Friday, August 17, 2007

Are you eligible to vote?

"Mari~lah mari~ Mari berundi..."

Are you exercising your rights as a citizen to vote?
Have you registered yourself as an Elector?
Do you know what's your registration status?
Do you know where is your voting district?

All these info, can be obtained from -
Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (Election Commission of Malaysia) - Official Site:

To find out whether you have registered and where is your designated district, go to ELECTORS ROLL CHECKING:

To register, you can visit one of the following places:
01) Election Commission of Malaysia Headquarters;
02) State Election Offices;
03) All Post Offices with computer facilities in the country;
04) Commission’s mobile teams;
05) Other places specified by the Election Commission as Registration Centres.

for more info, kindly visit REGISTRATION OF ELECTORS.

May God bless & grant the people of Malaysia the wisdom to vote wisely & righteously.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Destruction of a Colony

A colony of ants were migrating. They must had been happy & looked forward to their new home. Starting & building a stronger empire... doing everything for the next generations.

Unfortunately, something bad happened in the midst of transporting their over-sized Queen.

Her royal highness were killed. Crushed by a gigantic foot, which the size many, many, many times bigger than any of them.

Just a glimpse of the glittering eye, the entire empire is gone.

My Thoughts
Life is short and fragile. Live it to the MAX. Don't waste it.

YES! I confessed, that gigantic foot belongs to me. I didn't mean to do that. I honestly didn't see them, and I feel bad & sorry.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Out of the Dark 回魂夜

Release Date 日期: 1995;
Languages 語言: Mandarin, Cantonese;
Running Time: 1 hour 19 minutes;
Director 導演: Lau Chun Wai 劉鎮偉;
Artist(s) 主演: Stephen Chow 周星馳, Karen Mok 莫文蔚, Freddie Huang Yi Fei 黃一飛;
Genre 片種: Dark Comedy 黑色幽默, Horror 恐怖, Action 動作;
Trailer 預告短片: -
Watched it at: -

Product Info 產品资料
Region Code DVD區碼: 3;
Video Format 影像格式: NTSC;
Screen Format 影片畫面: 1.85:1 (Anamorphic Widescreen);
Audio Specs 影片聲音: Mono;
Release Date 出版日期: 31/10/2006;
Language 語言: Mandarin 華語, Cantonese 粵語;
Subtitle 字幕: English 英文, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文;
Remarks 特別收錄: Behind-The-Scenes 慕後花絮, Trailer 本片預告, Other Releases 精選猛片預告, Color Stills 劇照, Original Poster 原裝海報, Production Notes 電影簡介, Biography & Selected Filmography 演員/導演簡介;


Synopsis 故事摘要: - taken from
The Stephen Chow horror-comedy Out of the Dark finally arrives on DVD! Directed by Jeff Lau (A Chinese Odyssey, All for the Winner), this 1995 film features Chow at his most wild and wacky as a mental patient who battles ghosts.

Chow is Leon, a black-clad, sunglasses-wearing ghostbuster who arrives at a high-rise Hong Kong housing estate in time to save the locals from some pissed off ghosts. But more ghosts will be arriving soon, so Leon must train the security staff in his wacked-out spectre-battling ways - which includes tools like a slingshot, candies, plastic wrap, and a ghost-sensing plant. His plans work, putting the ghosts on the ropes, but once Leon himself is possessed by a particularly malicious ghost, will anybody be able to stop him?

Co-starring Karen Mok, Out of the Dark has earned a reputation as Stephen Chow's darkest film, adding brutal violence, copious blood, and scads of black humor to the nonsense jokes, movie parodies, and toilet humor that fans of his early work expect. Aside from the obvious nod towards Luc Besson's Leon (a.k.a. The Professional), Chow and company skewer Highlander, Wong Kar-Wai's Fallen Angels (Karen Mok does the honors by parodying her own award-winning role), and even director Jeff Lau's long history of successful horror comedies, including The Haunted Cop Shop, Operation Pink Squad 2, and Mortuary Blues, among others. Breathlessly-paced and outrageously off-color, Out of the Dark is easily one of Stephen Chow's most hilarious (and notorious) works. (find out more).



當年星爺以一身《這個殺手不太冷》的尚連奴造型經已很令人不禁大笑,而1995年更是星爺與鬼才劉鎮偉合作無間的一年,繼《西遊記》後又一傑作,他倆將片中的黑色幽默發揮得淋漓盡致;至於當年與星爺同台拍攝多部作品的莫文蔚(《食神》和《西遊記》系列)為女主角,演技及默契也相當合拍。無論台前幕後,星爺在《回魂夜》這部喜劇中他充分發揮其搞笑的功力,成功演繹劇中的喜劇角色,為觀眾帶來不少的歡笑 看詳情.

My thoughts 我的感言:
I've watched this like over 10 times.

For me, this is one of the best of Stephen Chow movie. The jokes, tricks & ideas were so original & creative. This movie was not known to many, especially the Malaysian audience, because it was never screened at the local cinemas, because it was a flop in Hong Kong and the rest of the Asia.

Reason being, there was a sudden change of style in Stephen Chow's film, and the audiences were not prepared for such change, and could not accept/adapt to his new style of jokes/creativity. However, this didn't stop him from experimenting/exploring. He carried on with such style, insisting & believing in delivering the best for his audiences.

His hard work had made his every single movie a blockbuster mega hit, not to mention, won several awards over the years. And he was featured on the cover of Time Magazine: Special Issue 2003 Asian Heroes.

This movie had brought me and my friends, many laughter. You'll find lots of memorable scenes, catchy soundtracks, and classic dialogue lines, that we still joke about it after so many years. LOL~

If you are a Stephen Chow's fan, this is a must-watch movie. It's simply THE BEST!!!

This item is available at -

Monday, August 13, 2007


Three years ago, we were shopping at Jonker Street in Melaka, we discovered a this clog shop, hidden in the alley of this old city - GEE's ORIGINAL.

I was stunned+amazed that the shop owner - Gee & wife (Yen) managed to transform a traditional crafting to modern art+fashion. Immediately, I got myself a pair.

Every time, we go Melaka, we sure pay Gee a visit. To date, I've already bought more than 7 pairs of Gee's Original for ourselves, friends & families.


I have a Good news for everyone. Now you can own a pair of GEE's ORIGINAL without traveling all the way to Melaka. Because you can get them from the Weekend Flea Market at The Curve. Yen will be there every Saturday & Sunday (GANBATTE!!!).

My Thoughts
It's nice, comfortable & COOL to wear!!! My 1st pair of Gee's Original was "The Sun". It had been traveling with me to many places & cities, such as Bangkok, Singapore, Penang, Langkawi, Melaka, Kota Kinabalu (many times) and finally its life ended at The Angkor in Siam Reap (Cambodia).

I was so sad, couldn't wait to go Melaka to get a new pair. Then we found Yen at The Curve!!!

^0^ woooOOOTTTT!!!

Wildchild very "3 8"... people buy, she also buy. She got herself the 3rd pair (adding to her collections):

Very cool design, with the Chinese Characters of "Black 黑" & "White 白".

All the clogs at Gee's Original are made by an old clog maker in Melaka, and the design are hand crafted/painted by Gee & Yen. Not to mention, all the clogs comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning any time your clog is damaged/chipped/scratches/etc... just bring it back to Gee, and it'll be fixed. However, if you want your sole/strap changed, there'll be a minimal fee for the material cost.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Green Colony

In future, earth will be over-populated. By then, food is on extreme demand, water is more expensive than anything else ever be, environment will be severely damaged, energy crisis, deadly disease... a planet that lives struggle to survive.

What if...?
We have the technology & government system before that, we can shrink the entire civilization to "ant" size, and stay in a "green colony".

Then perhaps earth will have a chance to live on, 'cos the quantity & volume that we consumed and needed will be cut down too.


but I doubt our "greediness" & "selfishness" within us will be shrunk together.

At least, we will become "ant" size trouble for the rest of the life forms on earth.

Please don't separate them...

One weekend, we were at The Curve, and we discovered this poor fella.

- - - - - - -

Dear Marche,

if you are reading this, please do the cow family a favour. Can you kindly place the baby calf near, where its daddy & mommy are? Please don't separate them.

'cos the baby calf is so scare & lonely to be alone.

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