Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Essesntials of Nintendo DS Accessories

There are lots of accessories for DS available in the market, however, for me I choose & trust only - HORI. Simply because HORI is an established & reliable brand, when it comes to gaming accessories, not to mention, the officially licensed Nintendo accessories manufacturer.

Here's a list of my recommendations on the necessities and useful items to get for your NDSL:
• Screen Protector;
• Case Protector;
• Stylus;
• DS Card Case;

- - - - - - -

Screen Protector
This is a MUST!!! Anyone who says to you that you don't need one, he/she is either a noob, or a liar. This is the first and only accessory you SHOULD get upon buying ur DS. The touch screen needs to be protected, because scratched or damaged screen will result slow or irresponsive game plays.

Liquid Crystal Filter DS Lite

I've never tried other brands, however, this is the most popular one, used by most DS owners, with (I believed) zero complaints from users.

Due to its popularity, there are FAKE Hori Screen Protector in the market. You can find out more from - HERE.

This item is available at -

- - - - - - -

Case Protector
There are many different types of casing for different purposes/reasons, some for decorations, others mainly for protections.

Hard Pouch DS Lite

I bought this because I carry a waist pouch, almost 24x7. This will shield my NDSL from other objects while it's inside my waist pouch. Other then that, this type of hard pouch will have better protection/cushions comparing with other types, such as fabric types.

It is also easier to clean, all you need to do is to wipe the surface with a wet towel. Other fabric type, you can't wash them, because soaking it will destroy the thick paper board inside the cushion.

I can stuff NDSL x1, DS Game Cards x3-6, DS bundled stylus x1 and Touch Pen Attachment DS Lite x1, into this pouch.

This item is available at -

- - - - - - -

Touch Pen Attachment DS Lite

Better hand grip, and more comfortable to use, especially when it comes to heavy stylus based games, such as Ouendan,Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2, Elite Beat Agents, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, Picross DS, etc...

This item is available at -

- - - - - - -

Cleaning Cloth
For screen:
Any microfibre cloth for spetacles/glasses will do. Just damped (it's DAMP, NOT WET) the cloth with your finger tip, then wipe the screen in circular form in 1 direction.

However before start, make sure the screen is free from dust or any particles, by using a blower (please don't use mouth, because ur saliva may stain the screen and it's not hygenic).

For body:
HORI: Cleaning Cloth

This is a piece of magic cloth, that will absorb all the oil stains on your DS.

This item is available at -

- - - - - - -

Additional Items

Over time, your library of games will expand, by then, you probably need a proper storage to store and carry your games. You can either get a HORI DS Card Case... or you can follow the LYN Ninty Forumers style - i.e.:

Empty RAM Slot Case

version 1.0 - by Mudmaniac;
version 1.2 - by Pr1me_Minister;

Storage Capacity
It can fit up to DS Game Cards x8 or Rumble Pack x1+DS Game Cards x4.

- - - - - - -

USB Power Charge Cable

This comes very handy, when your DS is low batt, and you don't have the DS Charger with you. Just connect the DS to a PC/Laptop via the USB port, and you can charge & play at the sametime. However, please take note, charging while playing will take longer time to have your DS charged completely.

This item is available at -


Nicholas Leong said...


mr-penman said...



go away! shoo! shoo!

redsuns said...

Thank you very much for your article.
I will get them as soon as possible and hopefully they are able to deliver to aus.

Do you use any protector for your DS Lite case? It is easy to get dirty, especially your finger print.

And, play asia didn't sell R4. Its hard to get one here.

mr-penman said...

yo cuzz!

nope, I dun use any protector for my NDSL.

I always clean my NDSL after every gaming session. So it's clean.

You can get crystal casing or the silicon skin if u like, however, take note such casing will trap sweat.

You won't get anything that will promote homebrew/piracy from

redsuns said...


ya i realize that too. So i guess i am going to get the crystal cleaning cloth instead of the protector.

I will order as soon as possible, i guess the shipping is available to Melbourne since it shows AUD price for each of every items.

I am looking for a game named "children of mana", it looks good in youtube.

Ic, R4 is out of stock in Australia, it is sad to see that and we have to wait them to reorder, it will take a few weeks. :(

mr-penman said...

hmmm... Children of Mana quite boring to me.

Didn't enjoy it.

Take my advise... don't so eager. Scout around 1st.

You have MKDS rite? try to unlock all the features 1st~lah... and get 3 stars for every single cup.

I'm still playing MKDS until today. It's fun! Nice investment! See when I free, we online race.

otherwise, you can check out "Castlevania: Potrait of Ruins". Nice!

redsuns said...

Children of mana not good a? But i watched youtube and it looked good.

Yea i got rank A in 50cc and 100cc now. I played once a day to prevent from completing it too soon. Actually how can i "boost" up once the race starts? I cant figure it out yet until now.

I don't have the wii wifi usb connector yet oh. The EB Games shop is selling 69.95 dollars which is too costly compared with the JB Hifi which is just selling 47 dollars but unfortunately they are out of stock now.

Castlevania: Potrait of Ruins" is not available here but another series yes. I guess i can hardly get an asian game in Melbourne unless i buy online or download after i got my R4.

You totally quitted from WoW? I changed server to frostmoure already. Warlock level 24 which is quite fun. My Proudmoore 70s shaman is too boring because i changed to restore spec and can hardly grind to earn money.

mr-penman said...

both the castlevnai series, i.e. Dawn of Sorrow (DOS) and Potrait of Ruin (POR) is nice.

COM (Children of Mana) not fun, is only my preferences. You mind find it entertaining.

again... same advices... scout around 1st.

redsuns said...

I got my accessories from Play-Asia.

Cleaning cloth
Crystal screen protector

Got 1 question is that, the screen protector x2 (one with white sticker at the corner, one with red). Is one of them for top or bottom? Or both of them are the same, can be use for top n bottom as i like? - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!