Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tawaran Hebat!

Last night, I dropped by Bangsar to pick up laundry. As I was walking to the doby, I heard this recorded message on loop, repeating again and again and again and again... and it was quite loud.

"Tawaran Hebat di Burger King! Hanya Sepuluh Ringgit... Hari ini sahaja!"
(Great Offer at Burger King! Just RM10... Today only!)

next thing came to my sight, is this huge banner hanged between 2 palm trees,

across the street, another fella with a similar bunting, distributing flyers to passerbys.

As usual, I paid no attention to street marketing, and move on with my business.

Then, on my way back... I have no choice, but to go through the same route...

From far, I can hear that loop message again, and I can see quite some crowd being draw inside Burger King. And being a curiosity bird, I went in and look-see look-see a bit~loh.

TATA!!! So this is what "Tawaran Hebat di Burger King! Hanya Sepuluh Ringgit... Hari ini sahaja!" is all about.

Since I haven't eaten yet, ok... might as well~lah!

Then I came out from BK, and spotted this:

ah! this is where they planted the "voice"


My thoughs:
I find it's a good deal. For RM10, you get:

  • Whooper or Grilled Chicken

  • Chicken Tender and Onion Ring

  • Mango Drink

I learnt something here... I can turn away or shut my eyes from huge billboards, however, I can't really escape from sound!


For this, I give BK's Marketing team - "+1"!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's on Your Desk?

A tag post from Zorocaster, SWATwolf.

What's within arm's reach on your desk, without leaning forward too much? In my case, the following items are applicable:

  • laptop+mouse

  • Nintendo DS Lite+Touch Pen+New Super Mario Bros. DS

  • Revoltechs x3

  • chargers x5

  • gashapon x10

  • USB card reader

  • mobile phone x2

  • Vitamin C

  • Twix

  • laptop+mouse

  • 1 pile of DVDs

  • recylce envelops

  • bills

  • books+magazines+comics

  • digital camera

  • toy gun

  • tissue box

  • drinking glass bottles x2

That's about it. Hmmm~ it's time for me to clean up my place.

Now, I'm taking the opportunity to tag everyone on my Kawan-Kawan and especially anyone else that is reading this, okay, that covers everybody. Don't forget to link back to the person who tagged you in the first place.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kana Curry House @ Sec 17

Kana Curry House, I'm sure many people in PJ, have heard of this famous banana leaf rice restaurant at Section 17. Anyway...

For today's lunch, we had:

Dish: Kana Curry House's Banana Leaf Rice+Fried Chicken
Price: RM 12++

My thoughs:
Generally, I find Kana's food & drinks are nice, above lotsa Indian or banana leaf rice restaurants.

However, the best banana leaf rice for me, will still be Nirvana Restaurant at Bangsar. I'll blog about that another time... LOL~

The best drink to go with banana leaf rice is nothing else, but a nice glass of Teh-O Ais Limau

Teh-O Ais Limau (iced chilled tea with lime)

Beside serving banana leaf rice, they also have the usual Mamak food, such as:

However, most of these food, will only available after 3pm onwards.

How to share a wireless connection from a Mac to a Nintendo DS (for OS X 10.4)

  1. Make sure you're connected to the internet via something other than the AirPort card (i.e. Ethernet).

  2. Turn on Internet Sharing:

    • Go to System Preferences, click on the Sharing icon, then click on the Internet tab.

    • Change the Share your connection from: pop-up to Built-in Ethernet.

    • Under the To computers using section, check the AirPort box.

    • Click AirPort Options...

      • Enter an easy name such as nds. Leave all the security options blank -- implementing security is an exercise left to the reader -- then click OK.

    • Click Start in the Internet Sharing panel.

    For sharing internet access with other computers, this is usually sufficient. However, the DS doesn't play well with the built-in DHCP server, so we have to manually configure the DS. To do this we, must gather some info...

  3. Gather Information:

    • Open and type ifconfig en1. In the output...

      • Look for: inet netmask ...

      • Take note the IP Address (the x's) associated with the first inet (mine was; yours may be different).

  4. Configure the DS:

    • Edit your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings from within a compatible game.

    • Select a connection to edit.

    • Choose Manual Setup.

    • Enter the following parameters:

      • SSID: nds (or whatever you chose in step one)

      • Auto-obtain IP Address: No

      • IP Address: Take the first IP Address you obtained earlier, and make the last digit bigger. i.e., mine could be

      • Subnet mask:

      • Gateway: The first IP Address, unchanged. (e.g.

      • Auto-obtain DNS: No

      • Primary DNS: this is the IP Address of the Airport. This is not the server address found with dig in Terminal. Again, mine was

      • Secondary DNS: blank.

    • Test Connection in the upper right corner of the touch screen. This should work, and you should get a Connection Successful message and be returned to the Settings page.

  5. Save Settings and click Back twice.

Disclaimer: I will accept no responsibility for the use or misuse of software or hardware, for any damage that may be caused by the software or hardware. I am not responsible for any charges you may incur from your cellular provider as a result of using this instruction set.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Original articles from

  1. How to share a wireless connection with a Nintendo DS

  2. Set up Nintendo DS surfing via PowerBook and Treo 680

note: I gathered references from these 2 articles and made a little adjustment myself, so that the instructions are clearer. Enjoy ur WiFi now, MAC USERS FTW!!!

How to set up wireless connection for GW-US54Mini2G to DS

note: Please make sure you have your PC/laptop's WiFi disabled, before starting.

1) Driver
Download the latest driver from Planex:

don't use the driver from the CD, as I believed that version is buggy.

2) Installations
Please refer to the User's Manual... and take note on the following:

Chapter 2
#1. ...
#4. choose "Planex Configuratiohn Tool";
#5. choose Optimize for performance mode";

3) Configurations on GW-US54Mini2

  • Look for the "PCi" icon at Taskbar;

  • Right click and select "Switch to AP Mode"

  • Once you "Switch to AP Mode", you should see the utility pop up below.
    Here you have to set your "SSID" to any name of your choice.

    1. by default, it's "planexuser";

    2. Clicking on "Auth. vs Security" will allow you to configure the security. This step is optional.

  • If you choose to set the security, kindly configure according to the following:

    password = can be any 5 alphanumeric characters, e.g. AB123;

  • There's another window that pop up when you "Switch to AP Mode", i.e. Internet Connection Sharing with SoftAP - an ICS bridging for the software AP.

    1. Select the "name" of your Ehternet Adapter;

    2. Click "Enable ICS";

  • Done.

4) Configurations on NDSL
To test the WiFi connection, turn on your NDSL with any games that have WiFi capability.

The easiest NDS game to configure/test your WiFi settings, would be Mario DS Kart.

Just go to the WFC Setup screen, and choose "Search for an Access Point", and it shall be able to pick up/recognise the signal, from your PC/Laptop automatically.

However, if you are not sure what to do, kindly refer to:
1) Planex -; OR

2) The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Insturction Booklet that comes with the game;

I no longer own/use this product, as I felt cheated with the misleading information on their website and packaging. Here's the story...

I bought this product, because it stated on the website as well as on the packaging - Windows 2003x64/2003/XP/Me/98SE/Mac OS X (PowerPC only)/Linux, and Nintendo WiFi Connection (by the way, I'm a Mac user).

After getting it, I couldn't get it work on my Mac. So I took my GF's Dell (under Windows XP environment) and it worked (see above's pictorial guide).

Therefore I wrote an email to Planex Support (in Taiwan and Singapore), the main distributor in Malaysia and the shop that sold it to me. They were very helpful (except Taiwan, probably because of language barrier, they couldn't respond well to English). After a series of emails, finally we all discovered... AP (Access Point) isn't available for OS X...

I was quite upset, and told them they shouldn't advertise it as "DS Support" and "Mac Support".

Immediately they change the info on the website, and issue new stickers on all the boxes, stating AP is available only in WinXP/XPx64.

Do I not feel cheated?


So I did some research myself later from the net, and discovered that Mac users need no 3rd party devices to connect your DS to go online (read more HERE). And I sold off my GW-US54Mini2G.

So far, I got mixed review from a few different forums, some claims is as easy as 123, to get it work, some until today still can't get it work. Therefore, I'm not sure about the compatibility of this product.

However, I hope my pictorial guide will still help the windows users. If you can't get it work, perhaps you can try Planex's Support page or try contacting them HERE.

I'm sorry, I couldn't help you any further, as I no longer have the device.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kah Fei Dian @ Digital Mall, Sec 14

Seems like there's a trend going on in Klang Valley, everyone is into the business of "repackage the kopitiam". The latest entry is this Kah Fei Dian at ground floor, main entrance of Digital Mall, Section 14.

We didn't know what to eat, so we just gave it a try.

For today's lunch, we had:

Dish: Set Lunch 01: "Nasi Lemak", comes with a choice of Barley or Chrysanthemum tea;
Price: to be updated;

Dish: Set Lunch 02: "Curry Laksa" MeeHoon/Noodle, comes with a choice of Barley or Chrysanthemum tea
Price: to be updated;

My thoughs:
Not bad... the nasi lemak and curry laksa are delicious. However, the nasi lemak didn't fill my buffalo stomach. So I check their menu again and I saw "Roti Bakar":

  1. Roti KFD

  2. Roti Kahwin

  3. Roti Curry

and I picked

Dish: Roti KFD;
Price: to be updated;

Basically, Roti KFD is the normal roti bakar, i.e. butter with kaya on bread. Instead of using plain white bread, they used "Hainanese Oatmeal Bread". It's just another marketing gimmick naming if you ask me.

and it tasted...delicious.

Since there were some left over of curry laska, and we didn't want to waste it... therefore, we make use of it.


please ignore the tissue, as I didn't want my hand to be greasy.


with chopstick (FTW!!!)

Overall, our experience at Kah Fei Dian are...not bad!!! Price is reasonable, environment is clean & comfortable, staffs are friendly and polite, food is not bad. You can give it a try.

Note: we believed "Roti Curry", is actually "Roti KFD" being served with a bowl of "curry laksa".

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ocean's 13

Release Date: 7 June 2007;
Languages: English;
Classification: U;
Director: Steven Soderbergh;
Cast: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Ellen Barkin, Al Pacino, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Eddie Jemison, Shaobo Qin, Carl Reiner, Elliot Gould;
Genre: Action/Adventure, Thriller, Crime/Gangster and Sequel;
Watched it at: Golden Screen Cinema;


synopsis: - taken from Yahoo! Movies
What are the odds of getting even? Danny Ocean and the gang would have only one reason to pull off their most ambitious and riskiest casino heist--to defend one of their own. But they’re going to need more than luck on their side to break The Bank.Ruthless casino owner Willy Bank never imagined that the odds were against him when he double-crossed Danny Ocean’s friend and mentor Reuben Tishkoff, putting the distraught Reuben in a hospital bed in critical condition. But Bank miscalculated--badly. He may have taken down one of the original Ocean’s eleven, but he left the others standing and, worse for him, gave them a shared purpose: to take Bank down on the night of what should be his greatest triumph--the grand opening of his new casino, appropriately named The Bank. Their strategy is twofold. First they will ruin him financially by turning the tables on the precept that the house always wins. But that’s just money. The knockout punch will be to Bank’s personal pride and joy: his reputation as the only hotelier who has earned the Royal Review Board’s Five Diamond Award on every single one of his hotels. The plan is elaborate, dangerous and damn near impossible--but there are no limits when it comes to one of their own.

My thoughts:
Everyone had speculated that Ocean's 13 will be another crappy sequel, frankly speaking, so far, none of the sequel had screened this year is up to par. However, for me, Ocean's 13 consider not bad after all, it's entertaining, and that's what movie does... nothing else...PERIOD. (Please don't make life so complicated.)

Unlike Ocean's 12, you'll feel the production team is trying to force a place/spot for the 2 female characters played by Julia Robert & Catherine Zeta Jones into the story. It became very cheesy and it was quite boring.

For this sequel, the story is very straight forward:
1) Reuben got cheated by Bank;
2) Danny Ocean is back with the team to take revenge on Bank.

I always enjoy watching opening sequence and end credits. For Ocean's 13, the opening was a bit too plain, compare to the first two, but it still goes well with the movie.

The movie also feature some nice tunes... mixed of acid jazz, Vegas & Frank Sinatra type. I shall get the soundtrack too.

So just go and watch it, have fun, and find out how Ocean's 11 come out with another clever plan to beat Bank, and who's Ocean's 13.

Chicken Rice @ Nam Heong

One hot afternoon, we happened to be in SS2, PJ. We were having difficulties finding a place to park (HA! what's new in SS2), the moment we found one, we were half baked. Immediately, we tried to look for an air-con restaurant. And we found a restaurant we haven't visited for years - Nam Heong.

We went in and we saw this Set Lunch

RM7.90++ set lunch comes with - single portion chicken with rice, and double boiled soup

For today's lunch, we had:

Dish: Nam Heong Set Lunch - single portion chicken with rice, and double boiled soup
Price: RM 7.90++

Nam Heong's Chicken (single portion)

double boiled soup - winter melon with pork, lotus root (far)

My thoughs:
Nam Heong's chicken rice has always been one of my favourite authentic chicken rice shop. I haven't been dinning there for a number of years, yet they still maintain the quality.

Nam Heong is now under The Esquire Kitchen. They have branches all over PJ and KL. - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!