Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trip: KK, June 2008 - prelude

In 12hours time, I'll be on a plane, flying back to my hometown - KK.

Bringing a team of 6 (including myself) to climb Mt K. This will be my 4th time, and 1st & 2nd time for the rest.

The Team is make up different talents from different and yet related field...
01) Khoo - Indie Film Maker - 1st time;
02) Wai Onn - Audio Engineer - 2nd time;
03) Wei Tzen - Account Director - 1st time;
04) May - Business Development Manager - 1st time;
05) Wildchild - Audio Post Producer - 2nd time;
06) penman - 1 leg kicker!

We've been trainning for weeks... sometimes at Bukit Tabur, Taman Tun, Bukit Gasing, etc... I shall say, Bukit Gasing has the closet terrain for it, minus the mosquitos and the heat.

Can't wait to be back at home... miss home, miss my parents+family (eventhough I get to see them in KL sometimes, but meeting them back in home is so much nicer), miss my dog, miss the food, miss my friends, miss the PEOPLE!!!

This might be my 4th time climbing Mt K... many will think I must be crazy, and got nothing better to do. Well, if you really been up there, you'll know why I would still come back, and still excited about it every time. Words & Photos can't describe it... only personal experience will know. However, I shall still post photos, when back.

This trip back home... will be a very special+meaningful trip for me... not about going up to the highest peak in South East Asia for the forth time... only this time, I'm going up there with a proposal ring.

...stay tune for more.


Friday, May 30, 2008

3 New Colours for DS

Europe gets 3 new colours - Red, Turquoise or Green.

Read More
Official Nintendo Europe;

Saturday, May 17, 2008


To all my readers out there,

As I was browsing clickstartplay.com this morning, I've come accrossed with this useful thread taken from lowyat.net - a list of channels where you can contribute in the recent China Earthquake Aid Fund.

I didn't go through all the URLs, but some of the bignames like RedCross China, Jet Li’s One Foundation below are trustworthy.

I pray that more donations+aids will be provided to the victims and more survivals will be rescued.

May God continue to bless+guide us all.

- - - - - - -

RedCross China - Open for Online Donation NOW

RED CROSS is the one who organize the activities for donation with Taiwan,China,Hong Kong Artists... pls kindly show ur love...thank you...

Help the Sichuan, China Earthquake Victims / 帮助四川地震灾民
May 14, 2008 — lifeinmotion


Send Cheques to:
Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Society
Address : office at 316, Jalan Macalister, 10460 Penang

Direct Online Bank TT to :
Maybank account 507013126489
Public Bank account 3102212517

Or Bank In cheques to:
Maybank account 507013126489 at 9, Union Street
Public Bank account 3102212517 at 87, Lebuh Bishop.

FOR YAYASAN SIN CHEW, send/Direct Bank In cheques to:
2-12479-00043019 (RHB Bank)
or send to 星洲日报总社义款部 19, Jalan Semagat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

World Vision Malaysia (Contributions to World Vision Malaysia are not tax deductible)
For updates, please visit: http://www.wvasiapacific.org/
To contribute, please click to download PDF form or JPEG form.


To donate directly to a Chinese Non-profit, a good choice is Jet Li’s One Foundation. Jet Li is an ambassador for the Red Cross Society of China. His fund, as of 4/15/2008, has raised RMB 10,677,267 ($6,590/RMB 46,130 from Paypal donations)

Click on the “paypal” button

The site is in Chinese only, but I have read it. One key point to know about your donation there:
1. The FULL amount of your donation will be transferred to the Red Cross Society of China.

The website provides full transparency on how its funds are distributed.


I Googled the foundation and found quite a bit of press coverage, so I felt comfortable posting it as a donation destination.


FINALLY! You can now donate directly to the American Red Cross China Relief fund. The link is provided below, before you donate, please read the paragraphs regarding fund use:


Additional information regarding relief efforts by the American Red Cross is provided here

A recent post in this group mentions the possibility that donations to the American Red Cross does not fully transfer over to the Red Cross Society of China. I am attempting to reach the local director of the Red Cross in my area for a clarification on the exact use of fund for everyone, but probably won’t get an answer until tomorrow afternoon.

If anyone has any clarification on the matter please let everyone know ASAP.

All this being said, ARC does have a four star rating from Charity Navigator for its effective use of donations. http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm/bay/content.view/catid/2/cpid/43.htm
And your donation will be used specifically for the Chinese Relief effort.

However, your donation maybe be put to best use by directly wiring money to the Red Cross Society of China (listed in the CHINA section) or through Jet Li’s One Foundation (listed in the INTERNATIONAL section) rather than the American Red Cross.

More updates to come.

Directly wiring your donation to Chinese banks is possible:

Account name: Red Cross Society of China

RMB Donations:
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China:
人民币开户行: 中国工商银行 北京分行东四南支行
人民币账号: 0200001009014413252

Foreign Current Donations:
CITIC Bank branch:
外币账号: 7112111482600000209

Hotline: (8610) 65139999
Online donations:
Red Cross Society of China website: www.redcross.org.cn

Thank you Clare Gu for the notification!

Online donation for Hong Kong Credit Card Holders
Hong Kong Red Cross:
Thank you Fan Zhang!




Allows online donors to direct their funds to the China Earthquake Relief effort


Direct donations to the Chinese Earthquake Effort via Online Payment has been posted.
Thank you Anna Judson for the notice!


- - - - - - -

taken from http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/697739/+0&#entry17393268

you can find out more channels/sources on how to make your donations on the same thread (more updates from time to time, contributed by LYN Forumers.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look What I've got...this time!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Look What I've got!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl: Grand Finale - part 01

WOW!!! I was at the Grand Finale of Malaysian Dreamgirl tonight.

Malaysian Dreamgirl is Malaysia's first online reality model search programme, view exclusively free online at http://www.malaysiandreamgirl.tv

I was there to replace my boss to do some social+PR work, to promote abt my company (which is something I really sux at... =_="). However, ended up having a good time witnessing such event for the first time.

It was certainly a great experience for me. I get to meet 12 stunning Malaysian Dream Girl - UP CLOSE & PERSONAL... but only I'm 50m away.


When I reached 1Utama around 6pm, there were already crowds flocking the entire Oval from LG to 3rd floor. I spotted:
• some contestants hardcore supportors;
• saw Kenny Sia, who is 1 of the judges... but I was too shy to go say "Hi..." >_<
• my gang from MNC;
• get to make a new friend - Ben (Nice to meet you, dude! ^0^);
• saw a buddy – Derric (thanks for sharing MDG Guide!);

Anyway, check out the Opening...

this is only the Part 01, as I'm busy watching the old episodes of Malaysian Dreamgirl from the website.

and /yawn zzzZZZZ

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Super Mario by Bossini

OMG!!! It's Super Mario t-shirts!!! It's a Special Print series by Bossini.

There are 4 designs, each designs comes with 2-4 choices of colour.

I got myself 3 shirts out of 2 designs.

Normal Price RM53.00;
Promo Price RM33.00;

If you buy any 2 t-shirts, you are entitled to get a limited edition mushroom purse for RM5!!! 2 designs to choose from, either "Super" or "1UP.

The Bossini outlet at 1U has run out of "Super"... >i'(

anyway... Check it out!!!


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April's FooL!

It's been awhile since I last updated this blog.

2008 is a revival year for me... almost everything is at starting point.

I got a new job with a new start-up company, made lotsa new frens...

it's a good start!

Let's have a wonderful journey!

I have tons of pictures+backlog stories that I owe to the readers of this blog.

I promise I'll put up more articles the moment I have free time.

Meanwhile, I wish everyone...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

a new dawn...

Good morning to all my fellows Neo-MALAYSIAN Brothers & Sisters!

this is the new beginning...

I pray that the newly elected government will serve the people better, bringing more progressions+advancement for the country, bringing greater joy+love+harmony among us.

Thank you, God.
Thank you, Malaysia.



Monday, February 25, 2008

Professor Layton and The Curious Village

Developer(s) Level-5;
Publisher(s) Level-5 (JAP), Nintendo (US);
Series Professor Layton;
Platform(s) Nintendo DS;
Release date
JP February 15, 2007;
NA February 10, 2008;
Genre(s) Adventure/Puzzle game;
Mode(s) Single Player;
Media 64 MB + 64 KB EEPROM;
Input method(s) Stylus;
In the curious village of St. Mystere, townsfolk greet each other with riddles, lock their doors with sliding puzzles, and hide their secrets within brainteasers. When a wealthy baron passes away, his will reveals an elusive treasure hidden someplace inside the village. Now it's up to Professor Layton to untangle St. Mystere's riddles and puzzles, find the hidden treasure, and crack the case.


  • As Professor Layton, you'll tackle mind-bending puzzles as you unravel the mysteries of the village. Puzzles range from mazes and riddles to logic and sliding puzzles.

  • Touch Screen controls make working through puzzles a snap for players of all skill levels, and new puzzles will be available for download via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

  • Professor Layton is the first to offer a story, cast of characters, and style that are just as strong as the gameplay. Fully voiced animated scenes bring the story to life, while the funny and eccentric villagers and the classic, hand-drawn art provide a stylish charm that will appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike.


My Thoughts
A suspense detective case solving game, loaded with tons of mind-blowing puzzle games. Nice graphics, nice animations, and brilliant VO.

Today is Professor Akira Tago's birthday. The man behind most the puzzles behind this game. Ometedo Otanjobi, Tago Sensei!


External Links
Official Game Site;

This item is available at:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Turning 32...

penman is now version 32.0!



I've decided to share a birthday message to all my readers.

God has been GOOD, not just to me, but people around me. HE had blessed & made this day an exordinary wonderful birthday.

First, I had a wonderful week celebrating CNY with my family and OLD+NEW Friends back in KK;
Secondly, I found a new job - better pay, better future prospect, nearer to where I stay (nonit pay TOLL!!!);
Thirdly, the management is thoughtful and kind enough to release me immediately. Very smooth hand over and transition for me to leave;

So how's the day?
• got up earlier than usual... not sure why, just feel great and excited;
• felt so great+relaxing+wonderful for need not going to work.
• read & replying all the Warm+Thoughtful SMSes from friends+family. It's always great to receive SMS wishes from family and friends ^0^;
• Tried to visit Khoo on set, and pass him my toygun for his shoot for the following day (Didn't get to see him tho', as couldn't find a space to park);
• Called my parents to wish them "Happy Chap Goh Mei" and had their blessings too;
• Had the Thursday Lunch Special with wildchild and her colleagues at The Siblings;
• Going to try out at a new fancy Japanese Restaurant - Ninja Jones;

It's a simple day... but an exordinary wonderful one.

I would like to say a short prayer to honour God for this day (and of course the coming days)...


I praise and thank YOU for all the blessings upon me. I pray that YOU'll continue to use me, and bless me, so that people around will be BLESSED and TOUCHED through me. May I be a living testimony to others that YOU ARE A TRUE LIVING GOD, which FULL OF MERCY & GRACE!

in Jesus name I pray...

and here... I would like to dedicate a wonderful song to all of you. This song has always playing inside my heart:
God is Good - Don Moen

God is good all the time
He put a song of praise
In this heart of mine
God is good all the time
Through the darkest night
His light will shine
God is good
God is good all the time

If you're walking through the valley
There are shadows all around
Do no fear He will guide you
He will keep you safe and sound
He has promised to never leave you
Nor forsake you
And His Word is true

We were sinners so unworthy
Still for us He chose to die
He filled us with His Holy Spirit
Now we can stand and testify
That His love is everlasting
And His mercies they will never end

Though I may not understand
All the plants You have for me
My life is in Your hands
And through the eyes of faith
I can clearly see

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Legendary Chinese New Year Hits 中國新年歌曲名典

Product Info 產品资料
Artist(s) 歌手名稱: Various Artists 群星;
Album 专辑名称: The Legendary Chinese New Year Hits 中國新年歌曲名典;
Release Date 出版日期: 2004;
Language 語言: Mandarin 華語;
Publisher 出品商: EMI;

Track Listing
Disc 01
01. 春天的降臨 – 白虹
02. 大拜年 – 白虹 / 姚莉
03. 恭喜恭喜 – 姚莉 / 姚敏
04. 恭喜大家今年好 – 粱萍
05. 拜年 – 林黛 / 嚴俊
06. 春風吹開我的心 – 葛蘭
07. 大地回春 – 吳鶯音
08. 春之晨 – 周璇
09. 迎春花 – 張露
10. 春天是我們的 – 董佩佩 / 黃河
11. 大團圓 – 李麗華
12. 春滿人間 – 逸敏
13. 過一個大肥年 – 林翠
14. 春風曲 – 姚莉
15. 春風吻上我的臉 – 靜婷

Disc 02
01. 恭喜發財 – 葛蘭
02. 喜洋洋 – 韋秀嫻
03. 迎新春 – 森森 / 斑斑
04. 拜年歌 – 崔萍
05. 春之歌 – 逸敏 / 鄧白英
06. 冬天裏的春天 – 鄧白英
07. 踏雪尋梅 – 韋秀嫻
08. 龍燈與風箏 – 方靜音
09. 笑哈哈 – 葉楓
10. 小拜年 – 張露
11. 稱心如意 – 張露
12. 好預兆 – 葉楓
13. 合家歡 – 周璇
14. 燈花報喜 – 崔萍
15. 暖洋洋 – 張露
16. 恭喜你 – 蓓蕾

My Thoughts
This 2-discs album is MADE-OF-GOLD! It consists 31 golden Chinese New Year Songs, by China Legendary Song Birds from the 40s - 70s. My mother used to play most of these tracks, when I was a kid on cassette. Finally EMI reproduced them again in CD.

So emo, when I saw this at the local CD store!

IMO... this is a must buy Chinese New Year Music Collection!!!

It's EPIC!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

May the Five Blessings Be Upon You 五福臨門

May the Five Blessings be upon you.

  1. (Shou): 即壽數、長壽 Longevity;

  2. (Fu): 指富貴 Wealth;

  3. 康寧 (Kang Ning): 身體健康,一生無病無痛 Health;

  4. 攸好德 (Xiu Hao De): 愛好、喜愛德行;「攸」字又作「修」字,即修養美好的德行 Love of Virtue;

  5. 考終命 (Kao Zhong Ming): 不會遭遇天災橫禍,能得善終,安祥離世 Natural Death;

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Petition To Have Safer Bus Rides For Long Distance Routes

This is a post taken from http://www.buscrashnomore.blogspot.com/

We, the concerned youths of Malaysia express appalled anger towards the Slim River Bus Crash incident that claimed the life of Lee Nian Ning, Mohd. Zailani and Pang Boon Eng on the 25th of January 2008. This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. Despite numerous complaints and public uproar in the past, incidents like this continue to occur. It was reported that the driver’s company had 13 summonses on that bus itself. We find it unacceptable that such a company could have operated that vehicle on the road.

What are the explanations?
Hundreds of thousands of university students just like Nian Ning and us rely on such public transport to travel back home. A human life should not be taken lightly.

How could a vehicle with 13 summonses be free on the roads and not be held by the authorities?
We, the following, hereby demand that the relevant authorities set up a committee consisting of road safety experts and representatives from relevant public bodies to conduct a thorough study to find effective solutions to ensure that mistakes like this do not occur again in the future.

We will not be quiet until we see it in the media that satisfactory measures have been taken.To sign the petition,
please click HERE, and submit your FULL NAME(as in IC. Please don't use your nicknames or initials.) and e-mail. It will be considered one e-signature upon completion.

Alternatively, please send your FULL NAME and IC NUMBER to buscrashnomore@gmail.com.

Please do not leave initials or nicknames, only full name is accepted.

We thank you for your co-operation. Let us pray for those who have died to make way for change and keep our fingers crossed that someone, anyone will hear us and enforce that change.Please put this in forums, bulletins, emails, blogs.....everywhere. We need all the support we can get. This is for you as well.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WarioWare: Touched!

Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
JP December 2, 2004
NA February 24, 2005
EU March 11, 2005
JPN December 8, 2005
Genre Variety, Action
Mode(s) Single player
CERO: All ages
PEGI: 3+
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Media Nintendo DS Game Card
Input methods Touch screen, microphone

Wario Ware Touched commercial

My Thoughts
Another crazy WarioWare game. It utilises the DS's touch screen capabilities. It's another pure fun and laughter. It's all about Touched!

External Links
Official Wario Site;

This item is available at:

WarioWare: Twisted!

Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
JP October 14, 2004
AUS May 19, 2005
NA May 23, 2005
Genre Variety
Mode(s) Single player
PEGI: 3+
ESRB: E (Everyone)
CERO: All ages
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Media Gyro sensor cartridge
Wario is back with 200 all-new microgames and all-new ways to play them!

Dr. Crygor fixes Wario's busted GBA by tossing in a high-tech piece of laboratory equipment that looks suspiciously like a washing machine. When the GBA emerges, Wario discovers that he can play games by spinning it. Always on the lookout for new money-making schemes, Wario enlists his team of developers from WarioWare, Inc. to create tons of madcap, spin-controlled microgames. Wario can practically hear the "Ka-ching!" as the masses line up for his latest creation.

In WarioWare: Twisted!, you control the action by rotating the entire Game Boy Advance left or right and, sometimes, pressing the A Button. This must be the first game to include a screen warning you to spin your game system around -- but not yourself!

WarioWare Twisted! USA TV Commercial

Game Play

Mini Game

My Thoughts
This game is really crazy, fun and innovative. It's pure fun and laughter. The gameplay uses the gyro system built in the game catridge. It's all about Twisted!

External Links
Official Wario Site;

This item is available at:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WALL•E – Cinema Standee

This was already spotted at local cinema - GSC, where the movie is scheduled to be on screen 6 months from now.



Release Date 27 June 2008
Language English
Classification N/A
Running Time N/A
Director Andrew Stanton
Cast Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard
Synopsis N/A


BuyNLarge.com TVC

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

External Link
Official Site

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

CJ7 長江七號 - Touch'n'Go Card

Let the CJ7 fever begins!

I got this last week from GSC 1U!!!


CJ7 長江七號

Release Date 7 February 2008
Language Cantonese
Classification N/A
Running Time N/A
Director Stephen Chow
Cast Stephen Chow, Kitty Zhang Yu Qi
A fantasy tale featuring state of the art visual effects, CJ7 is a comedy about a poor laborer father played by STEPHEN CHOW and his young son. When a fascinating and strange new pet enters their lives, they learn a poignant lesson about the true nature of family and the things money can’t buy.

(Source: Sony Pictures Releasing International )


External Link
Official Movie Site;

Saturday, January 19, 2008

LYN Nintendo DS Gathering 2008 - January edition

January 2008
Time : 1100hrs - 1700hrs;
Date : Saturday, 19th January 2008;
Battleground : Hartz Chicken Buffet, Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway;
Status: Great Success!!!;

01) andy_lhc;
02) Pr1me_Minister;
03) Corez
04) mecharojak;
05) Aron (mecharojak's fren);
06) kelvint83;
07) penman;
08) why_79;
09) Bose;
10) Kyogami;

The New Faces

Games Played
Mario Kart DS;
Club House DS;
Tetris DS;
Bombermen Land Touch;

• Mario Kart GP Arcade;

Mario Kart DS

Club House DS

My Thoughts
It's certainly great to meet some new faces. Welcome and wish you guys will come again for the next gathering. Hope the attendance will be maintained or improved.

Thank you guys, for making this another successful gathering!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How to get there
By Public Transport
Via Bus (from Kuala Lumpur to Sunway Pyramid)
Metro Bus No. 10, 11 & 13;
Park May Bus No. 51;

Via Putra LRT
Feeder Bus No. 2-900 from Kelana Jaya Putra LRT Station to Sunway Pyramid.

Via KTM Commuter
Feeder Bus Intrakota from Subang KTM Commuter Station to Sunway Pyramid.

For additional info, read:

- - - - - - -

Read also:
The Great LYN Nintendo DS Meet up - November edition;
The Great LYN Nintendo DS Meet up - August edition;
The Great LYN Nintendo DS Meet up - July edition;
The Great LYN Nintendo DS Meet up;

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Contribute to mr-penman's Wii Fund

Dear lovely+wonderful readers...

I just put up a donation box - "Contribute to mr-penman's Wii Fund".

It looks like this below:

Feel free to contribute!

Thank you very much in advance!


you guys are the best!



Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pinky Street Kira Kira * Music Night

This actually belongs to seth.frost.heart (thanks buddy, ^0^), but he's kind enough and lend it to me to take some pictures to make some of my CSP Buddies drool...


Anyway, this is a special and limited edition, that comes with a figurine and a DS game.



Availalbe in 3 editions
Pinky Street Kira Kira * Music Night [Pinky Figure Limited Edition]

Pinky Street Kira Kira * Music Night [Kira Kira Rainbow Pack]

Pinky Street Kira Kira * Music Night

External Link
Official Site;

- - - - - - -

This item is available at:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dusun Ali King Paintball

A buddy of mine - D1 of Band of Brothers invited me to join him for a paintball game at Kg. Sungai Pusu, a small village located at the border of Selangor and Pahang (about 45mins drive).

The Environment
It's a forrest... a durian orchard to be precise. Lots of greens, natural terrain, and smell like a jungle too! An EXCELLENT place!

This is the Admin+Registration+Amunition Depot Booth. Where you make your registration, collect your ammunitions, reload, etc...

What makes Dusun Ali's paintball battlefield interesting, is the natural terrain - a small up hill slope.

The Equiptment

The Briefing
This is really important, regardless you are a veteran or a newbie, because every battlefields or games have their own rules and regulations. Stick with the house rules, accidents & problems will be minimised.

And let the game begins...
This would be my first experience to be on an actual paintball battlefield. I didn't play as a player, but on a more subtle role/noble mission - a Battlefield Journalist.


Game 01

Game 03

If paintball isn't really your kind of game, and you are there for some reason, you can shower yourselves in the pool, where the water is channeled from mountain stream.

The Team
Meet the team:
01) Torn; (sorry didn't manage to capture the team photo...)
02) Rambo 4;
03) Tyco;
04) Band of Brothers;

I look forward to my next visit here, as I'll be whopping everone's ass!


Have fun!

"Remember... This is a gentlemen game... We are here to have fun, not make war." famous quote by D1 of Band of Brothers.

External Link
Official Site;
Photo Gallery;
Wikipedia - Paintball;
Wikipedia - Paintball Equipment;

Proton SAGA 2008 - Sneak Preview

PROTON is currently running a full campaign on their new model – Proton SAGA 2008. There's a sneak peak of the new model at Cineleisure, which will be officially launch on 18th January 2008.

I received some internet leak picture earlier on, the new model actually looks like a gen ja sona c-class.

Anyway, take a look of the structure, it looks promising. However...


External Link
Official Website

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Panasonic: 103" Plasma TV

Check this out... large format TV... I mean LARGE!!!

Found this at Best DENKI, Suria, KLCC.

Brand: Panasonic;
Model: TH-103PZ600;
Screen Size: 103";
Aspect Ratio: 16:9;
Resolutions: Full HD 1920x1080px;
HDTV Compatibility: 480p, 720p, 1080p;
Dimension: 95"x55"x5.6";
Weight: 485lbs;
Price: RM 220,000.00;

External Link:
Official Website;

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Play-Asia.com - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!