Monday, July 09, 2007

Siew Yuk Noodle @ Taman Megah

Restoran Megah Good Luck has a variety of choices of food during the day. They have chicken rice, board noodle, fried kuay teow, fruits stall, etc... It's certainly one of our favourite choice for weekend brunch. We used to eat here every weekend, until we got sick & tire with the food. LOL~ pretty hardcore~eh?

Restoran Megah Good Luck

My thoughts:
We normally come here for 2 particular food:
1) the famous "Siew Yuk Noodle", and
2) half boiled egg with Roti Kahwin;

For today's lunch, we had "Siew Yuk Noodle" only.

Check it out yourself:

Siew Yuk Mee Hoon (dry) with Curry Sauce


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