Thursday, July 12, 2007

bak 'GOOD' teh @ Center Point, Bandar Utama

There are many "Bah Kut Teh" restaurant in Klang Valley. However, only a few worth mentioning, example for one - bak 'GOOD' teh.

bak 'Good' Teh

My thoughts:
This is not the best bah kut teh in town, however, it's one of my prefered ones.

bak 'Good' Teh's bah kut teh

Normally at any of the bah kut teh restaurant, there will be two types of soy sauce placed on the table - light sauce and the thick & dark sauce. A good mix between these 2 soy sauces with fresh raw garlic will make your bah kut teh experience... EXCELLENT!


the soy sauces - one of them is the light sauce, and the other one is the dark thick sauce... -_-"

Have you ever wonder? When you order a pot of Chinese tea for 2 persons, the staff will always bring 3 tea cups? or a portion of 5, you'll get 6 tea cups?

Well, there's a reason behind. Because tea have to be served in hot water, howver, you can't drink it, if it's too hot, therefore the additional cup is to serve as a cooling cup.

For example, when the tea is ready, the tea master (normally is the one sitting nearest to the tea pot... LOL!!!) will fill up all the cups. Everyone will get one, the additional cup will be placed next to the tea pot. If there's anyone finished his/her tea, the tea master will refill his/her cup from the extra cup.

This way, the guest can drink the next cup, without waiting too long for the tea to be cooler. Immediately, the tea master will refill the extra cup for the next guest.

good 'O' Chinese Jasmine tea


meendee said...

Wah, I think after you makan, the vampires/draculas oso will stay away from you *LOL*

BTW, there one in KJ opposite the SIC. Not bad.

mr-penman said...

I know that one...


used to be good... b4 the JE spread.

however, I stopped going there, after a few bad experiences (a few years later), they still behave the same.

Cut throat price, lousy service, attitude boss...

4get it, man! I'll blog abt ChaoYang's one nxt!

mob1900 said...

Modernised BKT! Can maju liddat!
I wonder if they're gonne come up with fake BKT so Moo_t can finaly claim he makaned BKT(Vegan version)!

mr-penman said...

actually, can 1, mob!

'cos u just ask the fella to put big mushroom, small mushroom, golden needle mushroom, cabbage, then serve with "yao zha guai"... GAO TIM!!!

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