Sunday, July 08, 2007

NFC 1 Utama Fitness & Youthfest 2007

There's a collaboration event by the National Fitness Council and 1Utama over the weekend at 1U - NFC 1 Utama Fitness & Youthfest 2007.

The event includes activities/competitions like:

  • the Battle of The Year Malaysia 2007;

  • the One Challenge Table Soccer Championship 2007;

  • the Malaysia DJ Battle Championship 2007;

We happened to be there to catch the Battle of The Year Malaysia 2007...

NFC 1 Utama Fitness & Youthfest 2007

the Battle of The Year Malaysia in action

My thoughts:
We are living in a really really fast pace & high competition society. Due to that, many parents have to work extra hard, hoping to make a better living for their families, unfortunately, because of that, many times, they have neglected their children, which leads them to the wrong path.

It's sad, isn't it?

I strongly believe with more events/activities like this, will really help to introduce and promote healthy & fun ideas to the youth. With a sense of positive achievement, it'll do them real good.

However, parents shouldn't just push the responsibilities to 3rd party, parents should always be more supportive and encouraging to their children. Help your children to discover what's their talents. They need recognition from friends, teachers, schools, society, family and parents!!!

We have lots of talented young kids, that needs guidance assist them to discover their talents & passions.

I hope the ministry and private sectors will have more collaborations to organise more of such events for the youth.

"Thanks penpa & penma, for being such a loving, supportive and encouraging parents until today! Without your love, I would have lost so many times in my younger days! I love you guys!"

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You can find out more at: 1 UTAMA SHOPPING CENTRE - HAPPENINGS

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mob1900 said...

These are the real healthy social activities which PUTA-AMNO should look into instead of wasting money on sending rempits to the North-pole!

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