Sunday, August 26, 2007

Subang Jaya 10KM Run

Woke up at 0500hrs, picked up wildchild, Mo & Mutiara at 0615hrs. It was raining, and very discouraging. But thank goodness, the rain stopped when we reached Subang, and it made the weather cooling.

It's a perfect weather to run.

At the Stadium...
Once we reached MPSJ Stadium, we head out to look for the rest of the gang, and reporting in. On my way to the reporting camp, I bumped into Zorocaster again, and we took another picture together. LOL~

At starting point...
T minus 10 mins, we were called out to the starting point, which is outside one of the entrance of MPSJ Stadium.

While we were waiting, I took this...


and the race began at 0730hrs. I didn't take much photos this time, as I was turned off with the event (read below), anyway, I still completed the run as a sportsman.

My time was 1 Hr 28 mins. There's a slight improvement. GANBATTE!!! ^0^

Who won?
Scratch below to find out...

My thoughts
This event sux, IMO.

The safety measures were not properly carried out at all. There were no proper trails or reserved lane for the participants. I've seen multiple times, parcipants were tailed by cars behind, or 1 feet away from speeding cars besided them.

Besides that, there were no medics throught out the whole track, and no water stations in between. However, I was told by my other experienced runner friends, that normally 10KM doesn't have any water stations, Siemens' 10KM Run is exceptional.

I don't think I'll ever participate any runs organised by the same organiser(s) or this track.

- - - - - - -
total KM: 30KM (as at 26 August 2007);
best time: 1 Hr 28 mins;

- - - - - - -
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