Sunday, August 05, 2007

Adidas King of Road 2007 - I DID 10KM!!!

I DID IT AGAIN!!! My record for this run is 1Hr48Mins for 10KM. I'm sure I can do better next time, if I train hard enough~lah.

Anyway, I was there not to run... but to take pictures. LOL~

and here's the story.

- - - - - - -

I got up at 0445hrs, reached Rodney's place by 0545hrs. Then Jack came. About 0615hrs, WaiOnn's came with his usual just woke up winding mood (LOL~ chill, buddy!). We all hoped on to his car and headed to Sunway.

Finally reached Sunway around 0630hrs, we were told roads were closed, so we parked at the residential area and walked. Got our offical jersey from Mel (and thanks for looking after for everyone's bags).

T Minus 5mins, before the race...

The 21KM race started at 0645hrs, we went in after that. There were so many people there, and yet I manage to bump into zorocaster. What a conincident. LOL~

At 0700hrs, the 10KM race horn goes off, and here we go...

at 1KM

Due to lack of training, after 10mins, my engine died off... LOL~ and I proceed with my primary objective - i.e. document down this journey.

at 2KM

After about 30 mins the race started (for 10KM), people were shouting and cheering, 2 African runners were returning. THIS IS MADNESS!!! LOL~ They are real running machines! GO!GO!GO!

at 3KM

It's sunrise, it was so beautiful, I stopped and snap it. Then I spotted zorocaster returning... WTH?!?!? THIS IS ANOTHER MADNESS!!! LOL~ Well done, zoro!

at 5KM

One uncle, out of no where, got on to the track and running with the rest of the participants. He was carrying 2 huge bags summore. REAL CHAMPION... LOL~

at 6KM

at 8KM

at 9KM

There was an incident right before 9KM ended. I'm not sure what's going on exactly. A car stopped by, one huge Indian man stepped out the car, started talking to a young police officer, while the driver remained inside. The next thing, the officer stepped back, unbuttoned his holster, ask the fella to stay put with a warning. The guy didn't listen and looked a bit hostile, immediately, the officer radioed out "Bantuan! Bantuan!" (Assistance! Assistance!).

Two officers came over from the other lane. The young officer was shouting "Tangkap dia! Tangkap dia!" (Arrest him! Arrest him!). The big Indian guy went back inside the car, and they went off.

What a drama! phew~

at 10KM

Finish line

After crossing the finish line, everyone went to que up for drinks - Milo Ais & 100Plus. The crowds were quite discipline and polite, til some noobs, cut ques. Some even worse, walked straight right to the counter, ignored everyone, grabbed and walked off. SHAME ON YOU, UNCLES!!! Yes, there were a few rude senior participants.

I didn't complete the race within 50mins, i.e the qualifying time, therefore no medal for me. But it's ok, it was a well organised event, me and my friends had fun!

GOOD JOB, organisers! Thank YOU, GOD for providing a nice weather for us. Thank you, Mo for collecting the jerseys for everyone. Thank you, WaiOnn for the ride. Thank you, Mel for looking after everyone's bags. Thank you, everyone for this fun+good run!

OH! I nearly forgot, there were some rewards/harvest for me after all:
01) a good+nice adidas runny jersey - cost RM59.90 (got it for RM15, comes with the registrations);
02) a good old traditional thai foot massage;


- - - - - - -
total KM: 20KM (as at 05 August 2007);
best time: 1 Hr 28 mins;

- - - - - - -
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Tattfoo&Ensze said...

Jim, Well done. You made it back. I enjoy all the photo and mata-mata story. You must sleep well that night. I did a half marathon before at the Penang Bridge run many many years ago. It was too tiring.

mr-penman said...

thanks, TF&NZ!


I'm joining another one, end of the month at Subang.

You are right, I had a really good sleep that night, especially after the tradtional thai foot massage.

It was tiring, but it's fun!


RunWitMe said...

Hi! Great pictures you have there. I also took some pictures on the 21km route. Feel free to drop by my blog.

See you around! Bye!

mr-penman said...

Hi runwitme... thanks for dropping by! visited your blog too.



Nicholas Leong said...

wah semangat join another one eh..

mr-penman said...

nick~ mari! jangan tak mari!


Reveur said...

Woo woo.. No take more pix of the drama. The rest of the pix and narration was finely done. Wohoo. Felt as if i was there. kekeke

tokyo_nights said...

Universiti Malaya is having a 5.5 km run within the campus on the 2nd of September. You joining?

I might be giving the Subang 10KM a skip.

Btw, Thanks for the pics ;)

mr-penman said...

@revvy: thnx buddy! ^0^

@zoro: I'll stick with the star subang run, 'cos all my other colleagues are onz! I'll skip the UM. But thanks for letting me know... I think I'm addicted!


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mr-penman said...

Hi tuan rumah,

Thanks for visiting my blog and your "generous" offer, but no, thank you.

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