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Anthony Chang 郑伟康 -
Music Wonderland 奇幻乐园 (1st EP)

Product Info 產品资料
Artist(s) 歌手名稱: Anthony Chang 郑伟康;
Album 专辑名称: Music Wonderland 奇幻乐园;
Release Date 出版日期: 19/08/2007;
Language 語言: Mandarin 華語;
Publisher 出品商: HIM International Sdn Bhd 华研国际;

Track Listing
01 倔强爱着你
02 几比几
03 对手
04 皇帝
05 洗牌
06 安东尼

Introduction 简介
Anthony Chang 郑伟康 is the winner for Astro Talent Quest 2006 (2006年Astro新秀大赛). This is Anthoy's 1st EP, under the the same label company as S.H.E. and Tank - HIM International. Currently, you can listen to a promo track aired on radio - "Opponent 对手", which features a duet with Tank.

My Thoughts
First and Overall Impression... it's a nice EP! Easy listening songs, with fun lyrics. I always find Anthony's voice unique, even during the competition. However, his voice/singing is not matured yet, still new~mah, need time to season it.

We believed in you! May God continue to bless and guide you.


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