Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Vivo is a fushion restaurant in The Curve (above TGIF). They served Italian+Americano style food, with quite a nice & cool set up.

The environment

Some of the food, we normally order...

the ultimate - BLUEBERRY PIZZA, made of crackers based, topped with blueberry sauce and nuts, served with a scoop of vanila flavour ice-cream. Yummmmy~

My thoughts
We went there last year around this time, for the first time. It was one of those Friday night, both wildchild and I had difficulties deciding where to eat.

As we walked past the restaurant, a staff handed out a flyer printed - "Merdeka Promo" 30% OFF. Being a cheapskate working class, immediately we grab a seat and started browsing their menus.

It wasn't a very good experienced for us.

First, We were "briefed" - "How to make orders?"

  1. See Menu;

  2. Fill up the "Order Slip";

  3. Pay at the counter;

  4. Wait for your food to be served;

we were liked ... -_-"

"what kinda system is that?"

Secondly, we waited for more than 20 mins for our food.

Thirdly, the food was ok, but not that great.

Fourthly, I find the logo of the restaurant, wasn't appealing to food, especially the colour. No wonder it never caught my appetite.

That's bad enough for us not to come back again.

However, the staffs were well trained & professional, eventhough the management has a weird system operating the restaurant. They were polite and nice, not like some restaurant one level below them, which is stucked up and rude.

That made me feel like coming back.

And we did. Every time we were there, I always make use of the Feed back Slips, leaving my thoughts, for them to improve.

Over the months, it seemed that the management was doing their homework. They took the customers' feedbacks seriously, and did some changes to improve the system, which I appreciated that.

Now if you visit Vivo, this is how it works:

  1. Take a seat;

  2. See Menu;

  3. Fill up the "Order Slip";

  4. Ask for a waitor to take your order

  5. Waitor will repeat your orders, before submitting it to kitchen;

  6. Wait for your food to be served;

  7. Food will come with a "Check List", which is also the "Receipt";

  8. When you are done, check the "Receipt";

  9. Prepare your money, ask for the waitor;

  10. Wait for your change, and come back again

This is the kind of restaurant that makes you feel like coming back, not like some restaurant one level below them, which is stucked up and rude.

However, I still find their logo not appealing to people's appetite. -_-"

Buon appetito! ^0^


meendee said...

I've met you there once *LOL*

Tattfoo&Ensze said...

next time on your comment ask them to change the logo, ask the managemnet to call you, may be a barter trade, unlimited food for a year. How's that sound?

mr-penman said...

LOL~ just wat I had in mind!!!


jw said...

what restaurant is stuck up and rude downstairs? Why so pc one? - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!