Friday, August 24, 2007


I attended a seminar on Friday (24 August 2007) - MSC Malaysia Creative Multimedia Lecture Series #8, by MDEC and Elemental Ventures Sdn Bhd.

There were 2 sessions in this seminar. First one was by
Kevin Eastman - the creator of TMNT.

He was sharing about his experience in the industry:
"From Sketch to Screen: The TMNT & Heavy Metal experience".

some of the slides, Kevin sharing how he and Peter transformed from their ideas from sketches and become real life characters

There was a 10 min break, I manged to see Kevin up close & personal, and took a picture of him. AWESOME!!!

Second half of the seminar, was presented by Joe Pearson - President of Epoch Ink Animation.

He was sharing the business experience & challenges, from the creative point of view. How globalisations had affected the world, and how & why we shouldn't and couldn't ignore it.

I say I had a good time attending this seminar.


My Thoughts
Had the opportunity to listen 1st hand experience from real gurus are inspiring.

This isn't just a seminar, but also a signing ceremony between MDEC & 20 over local and overseas creative content agency (such as animation studios, distributors, film makers, post house, etc).

This is a good sign, marking a new start and era for the creative industry in Malaysia.

Our government believes that creative content will be a new economy, that will generate new income & new opportunities for us. And currently making effort to educate, invest and pushing for this area.

I hope this will be a success (not just talk~talk~talk only), because it really looks promising in Malaysia, with the gurus and pioneers from the states to lead & guide our talents here.

There'll be 2 major Animated series project, based here.

External Link
Official Site;
Kevin Eastman;
Peter Laird;
Elemental Ventures Sdn Bhd;
Epoch Ink Animation;

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mr-penman said...

SWAT... if u r reading this.

I supposed you can share this to your parents, the government are pushing the Creative Content.

With these partnership+collaborations from overseas, perhaps this will re-ensure them, there's a market in animation after all, in Malaysia.

I wish you all the best!!!

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