Saturday, June 30, 2007

Swensen @ SS2

Swensen is a colourful, vibrant, & sweet restaurant. Regardless who visits the place, (i.e. an adult, a couples, or kids...), and they always come out with a happy face!

It's like a happy land!

the environment

My thoughs:
The food & beverages here are ok, 'cos that's not their main business. Normally, people go there for the ice-cream, and it's also a nice place to chill out too (NO ALCHOHOL for me).

and tonight we had:

Top-less Five, with our choices of toppings.

It's a good choice for 2 person sharing.

and it only cost:

Good deal ^0^

On every Tuesday, Swensen will be packed with happy crowds! Everyone is there to eat EARTHQUAKE for 50% OFF!!!


wildchild said...

Every Thursday "Sundaes" 50% off...
Penman, let's go try this oneday lah ok?

mr-penman said...

kia~ let's go, babe!!!

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