Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gyakuten Saiban: Mask Vision Murder Case / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Experience this manga style, adventure court room drama game, as a defence laywer - Phoenix Wright, investigating crime scenes, questioning witnesses and presenting shocking evidence, in DS style.

My Thoughts
This is one title that I'll recommend for a Classic NDS game. With good+adventurous+dramatic story line, challenging detective-like game play, remarkable illustrations/graphics and manga style humour characters.

This will be one of your "MOST STUCKED" DS Game.

You'll probably wondering why the name is sooooooo~ long.

Here's a little intro, this game was originally on GBA, and only available in Japan version. When it's finally ported to DS, it was introduced as "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" in US version.

This version that I owned, it's Gyakuten Saiban: Mask Vision Murder Case / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, which is a ported Japan version, that has a language selections feature, i.e. Japanese or English.


Where to get
You can order it from

Release Date: 12 June 2006;
Genre: adventure, court drama, puzzle;
Version: Japan;
Language" Japanese/English;
Mode: Single player only;
RANK: 4.5/5;

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