Sunday, June 24, 2007

Simply Red: Stay

After waited for 2 years, finally the new album is released.

My Thoughts
I haven't listened to the entire album properly yet, most of the tracks are very "simplyred" feel, and I noticed there are a few "familiar" tunes.

Generally, this album considered ok, for a brief listening, my favourite album still "Picture Book". However, I have a few tracks on my list, like "So Not Over You", "Debris", "Lady", etc.

I haven't been buying English album for quite awhile. This album comes in new CD casing, known as - Super Jewel Box. Nice design, looked and feeled more solid, comparing to the classic CD plastic casing, it allows album designers to have a bigger space for design. At a glance, it looks a bit like HD-DVD casing. LOL~

front cover;

back cover;

new locking mechanism - "press" to open;


deeper lock - minimising CD dislocated, and got scratched;

stronger body join - lower chances of getting a 1 legged CD case, when dropped;

friendlier rounded edge - had anyone accidentally dropped a CD case on your feet before?

Product Info  
Simply Red
Release Date
March 27, 2007 (UK)
Universal Music

01. The World and You Tonight
02. So Not Over You
03. Stay
04. They Don't Have To Know
05. Oh! What A Girl!
06. Good Times Have Done Me Wrong
07. Debris
08. Lady
09. Money
10. The Death of The Cool
11. Little Englander

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