Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kana Curry House @ Sec 17

Kana Curry House, I'm sure many people in PJ, have heard of this famous banana leaf rice restaurant at Section 17. Anyway...

For today's lunch, we had:

Dish: Kana Curry House's Banana Leaf Rice+Fried Chicken
Price: RM 12++

My thoughs:
Generally, I find Kana's food & drinks are nice, above lotsa Indian or banana leaf rice restaurants.

However, the best banana leaf rice for me, will still be Nirvana Restaurant at Bangsar. I'll blog about that another time... LOL~

The best drink to go with banana leaf rice is nothing else, but a nice glass of Teh-O Ais Limau

Teh-O Ais Limau (iced chilled tea with lime)

Beside serving banana leaf rice, they also have the usual Mamak food, such as:

However, most of these food, will only available after 3pm onwards.

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