Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tawaran Hebat!

Last night, I dropped by Bangsar to pick up laundry. As I was walking to the doby, I heard this recorded message on loop, repeating again and again and again and again... and it was quite loud.

"Tawaran Hebat di Burger King! Hanya Sepuluh Ringgit... Hari ini sahaja!"
(Great Offer at Burger King! Just RM10... Today only!)

next thing came to my sight, is this huge banner hanged between 2 palm trees,

across the street, another fella with a similar bunting, distributing flyers to passerbys.

As usual, I paid no attention to street marketing, and move on with my business.

Then, on my way back... I have no choice, but to go through the same route...

From far, I can hear that loop message again, and I can see quite some crowd being draw inside Burger King. And being a curiosity bird, I went in and look-see look-see a bit~loh.

TATA!!! So this is what "Tawaran Hebat di Burger King! Hanya Sepuluh Ringgit... Hari ini sahaja!" is all about.

Since I haven't eaten yet, ok... might as well~lah!

Then I came out from BK, and spotted this:

ah! this is where they planted the "voice"


My thoughs:
I find it's a good deal. For RM10, you get:

  • Whooper or Grilled Chicken

  • Chicken Tender and Onion Ring

  • Mango Drink

I learnt something here... I can turn away or shut my eyes from huge billboards, however, I can't really escape from sound!


For this, I give BK's Marketing team - "+1"!



jw said...

How bizzarre! Sounds like one of the challenges on The Apprentice. It could even have been Burger King or Taco Bell too!

mr-penman said...

I dun watch junk tv shows...

so I donch noe wat u tok abt...



Nicholas Leong said...

Eh ini memang tawaran hebat :P

I also had Mid Valley..very worth the money..wonder when will they have it again over here..

mr-penman said...

ya man!!!

LOL~ ^0^ - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!