Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kah Fei Dian @ Digital Mall, Sec 14

Seems like there's a trend going on in Klang Valley, everyone is into the business of "repackage the kopitiam". The latest entry is this Kah Fei Dian at ground floor, main entrance of Digital Mall, Section 14.

We didn't know what to eat, so we just gave it a try.

For today's lunch, we had:

Dish: Set Lunch 01: "Nasi Lemak", comes with a choice of Barley or Chrysanthemum tea;
Price: to be updated;

Dish: Set Lunch 02: "Curry Laksa" MeeHoon/Noodle, comes with a choice of Barley or Chrysanthemum tea
Price: to be updated;

My thoughs:
Not bad... the nasi lemak and curry laksa are delicious. However, the nasi lemak didn't fill my buffalo stomach. So I check their menu again and I saw "Roti Bakar":

  1. Roti KFD

  2. Roti Kahwin

  3. Roti Curry

and I picked

Dish: Roti KFD;
Price: to be updated;

Basically, Roti KFD is the normal roti bakar, i.e. butter with kaya on bread. Instead of using plain white bread, they used "Hainanese Oatmeal Bread". It's just another marketing gimmick naming if you ask me.

and it tasted...delicious.

Since there were some left over of curry laska, and we didn't want to waste it... therefore, we make use of it.


please ignore the tissue, as I didn't want my hand to be greasy.


with chopstick (FTW!!!)

Overall, our experience at Kah Fei Dian are...not bad!!! Price is reasonable, environment is clean & comfortable, staffs are friendly and polite, food is not bad. You can give it a try.

Note: we believed "Roti Curry", is actually "Roti KFD" being served with a bowl of "curry laksa".


wildchild said...

Thumbs up for the curry noodle!
Taste good with roti too...
Go check it out...
One of the best kopitiam food I ever tasted... ;)

mr-penman said...


wildchild said...

walau eh..
y u owis sweat icon??
so NOOB! HAhahaha...

mr-penman said...


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