Monday, June 11, 2007

Ocean's 13

Release Date: 7 June 2007;
Languages: English;
Classification: U;
Director: Steven Soderbergh;
Cast: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Ellen Barkin, Al Pacino, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Eddie Jemison, Shaobo Qin, Carl Reiner, Elliot Gould;
Genre: Action/Adventure, Thriller, Crime/Gangster and Sequel;
Watched it at: Golden Screen Cinema;


synopsis: - taken from Yahoo! Movies
What are the odds of getting even? Danny Ocean and the gang would have only one reason to pull off their most ambitious and riskiest casino heist--to defend one of their own. But they’re going to need more than luck on their side to break The Bank.Ruthless casino owner Willy Bank never imagined that the odds were against him when he double-crossed Danny Ocean’s friend and mentor Reuben Tishkoff, putting the distraught Reuben in a hospital bed in critical condition. But Bank miscalculated--badly. He may have taken down one of the original Ocean’s eleven, but he left the others standing and, worse for him, gave them a shared purpose: to take Bank down on the night of what should be his greatest triumph--the grand opening of his new casino, appropriately named The Bank. Their strategy is twofold. First they will ruin him financially by turning the tables on the precept that the house always wins. But that’s just money. The knockout punch will be to Bank’s personal pride and joy: his reputation as the only hotelier who has earned the Royal Review Board’s Five Diamond Award on every single one of his hotels. The plan is elaborate, dangerous and damn near impossible--but there are no limits when it comes to one of their own.

My thoughts:
Everyone had speculated that Ocean's 13 will be another crappy sequel, frankly speaking, so far, none of the sequel had screened this year is up to par. However, for me, Ocean's 13 consider not bad after all, it's entertaining, and that's what movie does... nothing else...PERIOD. (Please don't make life so complicated.)

Unlike Ocean's 12, you'll feel the production team is trying to force a place/spot for the 2 female characters played by Julia Robert & Catherine Zeta Jones into the story. It became very cheesy and it was quite boring.

For this sequel, the story is very straight forward:
1) Reuben got cheated by Bank;
2) Danny Ocean is back with the team to take revenge on Bank.

I always enjoy watching opening sequence and end credits. For Ocean's 13, the opening was a bit too plain, compare to the first two, but it still goes well with the movie.

The movie also feature some nice tunes... mixed of acid jazz, Vegas & Frank Sinatra type. I shall get the soundtrack too.

So just go and watch it, have fun, and find out how Ocean's 11 come out with another clever plan to beat Bank, and who's Ocean's 13.


Chufang said...

Wa, then I don't watch liao. Seems like not worth it. :x

mr-penman said...

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