Monday, November 19, 2007

Beard Papa's

Beard Papa's has been around at Jusco Supermarket, 1Utama (old wing). I just never border to give it a try, until yesterday. And it was a Love at First Bite experience!!!

I personally never like cream puff, because normally it's either the cream is not fresh, yucky and the puff is softed.

However, Beard Papa's is crispy & crunchy!

There are 2 flavours - Chocolate and Vanilla. Wildchild and I actually prefered the chocolate flavoured!

Besides cream puff, Chocolate Fondant is available too! We'll try out that next time.

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Tattfoo&Ensze said...

they open a few store in NY and in a year they close them all. may be new yorker are too body conscious?

meendee said...

got any beard hair inside onot? LOL, just kidding!

Me oso not a fan of cream, but looking at your pastry ... I think if inside is curry potato or tuna or turkey ham, then wah ... think oso can drool d >_<

mr-penman said...

@tf+nz: perhaps. LOL~ it has become a global chain. DaGe, you still eat instant noodle? I'm sending you some package soon, you want me chunk a few in for you?

@meendee: -_-" but u go try this cream puff 1st, it's really nice! It's like ice-cream lidat 1!!!

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