Friday, November 16, 2007

Noodle Stall @ Jeong Hin

The reason I keep visiting Jeong Hin, because of this ultimate noodle stall - The Kon Lao Mian Stall (aka dry noodle in Hakka dialect).


It doesn't have name, we've been referring it as "矮仔面" (Shorty Noodle) all these years.

Anyway, the stall operator isn't short (obviously... -_-")...

"Shorty" is actually refering to the shop owner by the townfolks. The stall owner is actually from Sibu, Sarawak. But he has been selling kon lao mian at Jeong Hin for 30 over years.


A long time tenant indeed, and I've been a proud loyal customer too, for 29 years!


Anyway, check out the popular - "Kon Lao Mian".

The noodle is homemade (not sure by him personally tho'), mixed with onion oil, sprinkle of deep fried red onions, served with Char Sao (BBQ Pork), Sao Nyuk (Roast Pork), and Sabah Famous - Chun Ghean (Spring Roll).

Most people are there for the noodle, however, I prefered the "Mi Foon" (aka Rice Noodle). Because I'm more of a "Mi Foon" person than a "Mian" person.

To me, this is a legendary food!!! Period.

Just by looking at the picture, I'm drooling & starving...

I miss home already... T_T

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Sir George said...

Wo Yau !!

mr-penman said...

Qu Chi ba!


Sin Yin said...

I miss home now.. after see all the "kon lau mian"..haha.. when i am at home my dad always bring me there... because we like the 'mian' there very much.. miss miss.. wish can eat it now.. - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!