Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wheeless Victim 02

There are lots of motorists, like to park their car around our office area, just to save up monthly parking fees. Therefore, they'll come as early as possible, leave their cars around office, and walk 300-500m to work, or get a lift from colleagues or friends.

This is rather selfish and inconsiderate, as they are taking up parking spaces which belong to us. We have problems finding parking everyday, not to mention talents/clients that come to us daily.

By leaving their car behind, make them an easy target for car theft. And this are is a hot spots for that: smash car windows, car stereos, cars, and recently trend - 0 wheels!

This happened 2 hours ago. 1 passer-by witnessed and kind enough to inform us, thinking it's 1 of our colleagues' car. Fortunately, it isn't. Unfortunately, it happened again, 2nd victim since last week.

And the best part was, there's a police road block 200M from the crime scene.


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To Car owner above:

the witness mentioned 2 Indians came with a white car (witness didn't manage to describe what model) - JDP 5252 (again... it happened so fast, the witness not sure it's JBP or JDP). However, we have lodged a police report.

ALL THE BEST... and please don't leave your or your colleagues cars here.

Thank you. Have a blessed week.
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Sir George said...

What the?!

mr-penman said...

ya... my office there is popular for these...

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