Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Great LYN Nintendo DS Meet up - November edition

November 2007
Time : 1100hrs - 1700hrs;
Date : Saturday, 24th November 2007;
Battleground : Hartz Chicken Buffet, Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway;
Status: Great Success!!!;

01) andy_lhc;
02) Corez;
03) Pr1me_Minister;
04) Hing (andy's colleague);
05) hamtarox;
06) kelvint83;
07) penman;
08) sihumchai;
09) sihummoi;
10) why_79 (appearring to most for the 1st time);

Games Played
• Mario Kart DS;
• Mario Party DS;
• Contra 4 DS;

• Mario Kart GP Arcade;
• Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ;
• House of Dead 2 & 3;

My Thoughts
Another successful gathering! We all had fun eatinig and gaming.

We had fun at the arcade too, especially playing Hyper: Bishi Bashi Champ. Good news!!! The price per game for Mario Kart GP Arcade has reduced from 2 Tokens to 1 Token now. However, I was quite disappointed with the arcade's maintenance... it's so typical for MY Arcade operator to offer faulty gaming machines to customers. Next time before you insert any tokens/coins, please check the conditions (at least the physcial parts), as we got "conned" for playing House of Dead 2 & 3, as both machines came with spoiled guns.

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How to get there
By Public Transport
Via Bus (from Kuala Lumpur to Sunway Pyramid)
Metro Bus No. 10, 11 & 13;
Park May Bus No. 51;

Via Putra LRT
Feeder Bus No. 2-900 from Kelana Jaya Putra LRT Station to Sunway Pyramid.

Via KTM Commuter
Feeder Bus Intrakota from Subang KTM Commuter Station to Sunway Pyramid.

For additional info, read:

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Sir George said...

Hartz Chicken buffet also one of my fav place to eat.. I remember when i work station in Kuching .. I normally go there for unlimited chicken..haha!!. Sadly KK dont have

mr-penman said...

dun has yet...

maybe later in future got~leh!


Cyan Starr @ Phoenix_Cypher_K1 said...

Lol. Nice outing.

I think they reduced to RM1 coz no one play lor...whenever I pass by sure nobody near. - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!