Monday, August 20, 2007

Wildchild's gathering+Lee San's Birthday

Wildchild attended a Senior's (from her secondary school) wedding dinner over the weekend (I wasn't invited... phew~). After that, we all went to Wong Kok at SS2 to meet and catch up with some of her secondary schoolmates. 'cos leesan (her high school friend) and Tim (leesan's man) were in town (from SG).

And it was leesan's birthday too. ^0^

Anyway, we were the 1st to reach. Wildchild had made reservation earlier, and kind enough, Wong Kok gave us the "chill out" area.

Since it's leesan's birthday, I ordered the "Wong Kok Birthday Special" for her. When the "special" arrived, both leesan and Tim were shock! LOL~

It's always nice to attend a school gathering (even though, it's not mine). Listening to old time stories. LOL~

leesan's birthday cake

OMG!!! it's the ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE!!! Thanks, peili for getting the cake. ^0^

Group Photo

Both Wildchild and myself had a wonderful evening meeting all of you!


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