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Release Date 日期: 08/12/2006;
Languages 語言: Yucatec Maya 瑪雅語;
Running Time: 139 minutes;
Director 導演: Mel Gibson;
Artist(s) 主演: Rudy Youngblood, Raoul Trujillo, Mayra Sérbulo, Dalia Hernández , Gerardo Taracena, Rodolfo Palacios, Bernardo Ruiz Juarez, Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza, Ricardo Diaz Mendoza, Israel Contreras;
Genre 片種: Action, Adventure, Drama;
Trailer 預告短片: Apple Trailers;
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Product Info 產品资料
Region Code DVD區碼: 3;
Video Format 影像格式: NTSC;
Screen Format 影片畫面: 16:9 Widescreen;
Audio Specs 影片聲音: Dolby Digital 5.1;
Release Date 出版日期: 16/08/2007;
Language 語言: Yucatec Maya 瑪雅語;
Subtitle 字幕: Portuguese 葡萄牙文, Bahasa (Indonesia) 印度尼西亞語 (印尼), Korean 韓文, English 英文, Thai 泰文, Spanish 西班牙文, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文;
Remarks 特別收錄: Commentary by Mel Gibson and Farhad Safinia, Deleted Scene with Optional Commentary, Becoming Mayan: Creating Apocalypto;


Synopsis 故事摘要: - taken from
Powerful Maya kingdoms ruled in the Americas for more than 1,000 years, forging expansive cities, constructing sky-piercing pyramids and building an impressively advanced society of extraordinary cultural and scientific achievement. Then, in a flash of history, this world collapsed. All that was left behind were a few jungle-covered pyramids and a tantalizing mystery. Now, 500 years after the end of the Mayan civilization, director Mel Gibson delves into this never-explored realm to create a modern screen adventure which unfolds like a timeless myth about one man's quest to save that which matters to him the most in a world on the brink of destruction: APOCALYPTO. (find out more).

My thoughts 我的感言:
Even though this might be just how the film makers, visualised/pictured how the Mayan Civilisation was 1,000 years ago. Because no one actually lived to see/tell how it was like.

However, I must say, the team did a brilliant job! You can see they did their homework, major reseach were involved. The team managed to illustrate the lives, cultures, costumes, architectures, language (even I don't know any Mayan language), etc, in details, reflecting how it was like back in those days.

The movie is so realistic, adrenaline pumping to the max, beautiful, eye-opening and brutal.

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Tattfoo&Ensze said...

This is an awesome movie, we love it. We also are reading about mayan culture on National Geographic Magazine at the same time. What a treat.

mr-penman said...

I hope someone Mel Gibson will make a movie about "The Angkor".

that'll be very interesting too.

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