Friday, August 03, 2007

BEST!!! Pan Mee @ Lucky Garden

When I was staying in Bangsar a few years ago, this is one of my regular spot for breakfast and lunch - Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Chun Heong 全香茶餐室

Here's a few recommended stalls, you can check out:
01) Pan Mee; (my favourite!!!)
02) Pork Noodle;
03) Wan Tan Mee;
04) Duck Noodle;
05) Mixed Pork Porridge;

Our order
Pan Mee

You can order, thin, thick or peel versions of the noodles. Then to have it soup or dry.

My Thoughts
This is my favourite Pan Mee stall, the best so far, I've tried (Jess, the 老母 of Joel couldn't agree more to that! ^0^). The texture of the Pan Mee is just nice, crunchy and right, not like some stalls, when you are eating it, you feel like you are chewing rubber in your mouth. @_@"

Then the gravy, mixture of soy sauce, shredded pork, "dog vege", spring onion, ikan bilis, with fried small red onions... WAH!!! think only I drool! wooOOOTTTT!!! ^0^

I used to order a RM5 Dry Pan Mee, which is not on the menu. LOL~

Pork Noodle 三间庄猪肉丸粉

This is the famous Pork Noodle Chain-stall, I believed it's a branched out from this old kopitiam (forgot name... -_-") at PJ State. You can find it at most townships within Klang Valley, such as SS2, Lucky Garden, S17, TTDI, etc... They even have a Koptiam Concept shop (air-con, nice interior, etc) at Lucky Garden (same row as, Chun Heong, next to Alliance Bank).

My Thoughts
It's very wise of the owner, to market their business as Chain-Stall, to expand the business. They serve the same noodles, same meatballs, same gravy... pratically identical, however, they don't taste the same. There are no consistency in the quality. Only a few stalls I prefered, i.e. the stall at Lucky at Section 17, the Concept Store at Lucky Garden, and of course, the original shop at PJ State.

They do not have a very mature duplication system, perhaps the owner would like to check out this book Copycat Marketing 101: How to Copycat Your Way to Wealth, to understand more.



Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Chun Heong 全香茶餐室 has the most Hakka stall operators, I've ever been to any Kopitiam in Klang Valley.

LOL~ and I feel HOME.


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