Monday, July 02, 2007

Kampar Noodle 金寶粉@ How Ye Kee 好義記, Section 17

I went out for lunch pretty late today, around 3pm. And at that hour, it's very difficult to find food.

However, I just know the right place to go - Restoran How Ye Kee.

Restoran How Ye Kee

When I arrived, most of the stalls are cleaning up, thank goodness, Kampar Noodle is still available.

Kampar Noodle Stall

My thoughts:
Well, Kampar Noodle is the type you get to mix and match your food. Just walk to the stall, greet the uncle and aunty. Choose your items, leave the bowl there, tell uncle how do you like your noodle:
a) soup;
b) dry;
c) dried with curry gravy;

For today's lunch, I had:

Dish: Kampar Meehoon (dry) with 6 items
Price: RM 6.40

Other then Kampar Noodle, you can try the wantan noodle, chicken rice & the popular "big fried" which is famous for their fast wok (available from lunch til dinner).


meendee said...

*plop* chilli oso you take??!!! LOL. But I quite like the chilli oso LOL.

psst, I think you need to fix your template. Your thoughts is missing the "t" ;)

Tattfoo&Ensze said...

I order for me please!

mr-penman said...


can! I FedEx to you, buddy!

mr-penman said...

@meendee: LOL~ thanks for spotting it! I copy and paste... -_-" - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!