Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Transformers: Generation 1 DVD (Special Edition)

Product Info 產品资料
Region Code DVD區碼: ALL;
Video Format 影像格式: PAL;
Screen Format 影片畫面: Standard 4:3;
Audio Specs 影片聲音: Dolby AC-3;
Release Date 出版日期: 13/12/2005;
Language 語言: English 英語, Mandarin 華語;
Subtitle 字幕: Simplified Chinese 簡體中文;
Remarks 特別收錄: 14 DVD9s (Season 1-4: Episode 1-98+The Movie), 1 DVD5 (Making of, Anime Analysis, Anime Compare), Anime Characters Analysis Booklet, 12 Collector Post Card, Key Holder;


Synopsis 故事摘要: - taken from YesAsia.com
A planetary war brings two warring armies of robots, the Autobots and the Decepticons, crash-landing to Earth, where they lie dormant for millions of years. Awakening at the end of the 20th Century, the Autobots disguise themselves as innocuous vehicles and hardware so they can repair their craft and return to their home planet of Cybertron. However, their war with the Decepticons breaks out anew on Earth and humans get caught in the crossfire...

The Chinese version of the anime Transformers now comes to DVD once more! The 98-episode classic, digitally remastered from the US version, offers the option of original English audio or Mandarin dubbing by popular Chinese artists. The special edition also comes in a silvery white metallic box, together with a set of 12 postcards and a key holder!

《變形金剛 特別版》收錄98集美版《變形金剛》,動畫採用數碼修復畫面,讓這部被變形金剛迷們譽為「永遠的經典」重現。特別版包裝精美,銀白色的金屬外盒,內有精美的人物資料書頁,並隨碟贈送的12張收藏明信片、精美鑰匙扣及花絮碟一張,讓你再次進入一個似曾相識的神奇世界!

My thoughts 我的感言:
What can I say? ^0^

I have the complete set of the original Transformers: Generation 1 now.



The Box

Thank you, Mr Custom Officers... for opening it for me first. -_-"

The Tin Case


The Contents

Key Holder (autobots), 12 Collector Postcards, Anime Character Analysis Booklet, 14 DVD9s (Season 1-4: Episode 1-98+The Movie), 1 DVD5 (Making of, Anime Analysis, Anime Compare).

The DVDs

Really cool & nicely printed Characters Analysis Booklet. The booklet actually introduce each character's original name, China Name, Hong Kong Name, Factions, and their Stats.

The Postcards

12 Collector's Postcards

This item is available at - YesAsia.com.

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SWATおかみ said...

OMG. Poison! X_x

actually, i wanna buy the 20th aniversary movie with the TF2007 but that would be xmas coz TF07 dvd will be release at around xmas XD

eh eh... scan the post card for me.
and also rip the dvds! 8D

meendee said...

OMG!!! Better not let my hubby see this >_<

mr-penman said...

@SWAT: oh! got such bundle~ah? the TF:Movie+TF:The Movie (20th Anniversary)... ooOOOO~~!!

I dun have scanner~lah. Maybe I snapshot and let you see~bah. LOL~

@meendee: Anniversary or Birthday Gift for him? ^0^

Nicholas Leong said...

ooo nice...*must resist going to yesasia*

mr-penman said...

@nick: click this


Tan said...

Poison, poison!!

BTW, I drop by TVsmith site, yeah, the photo is shot by TVsmith. While Jeffooi site is using AFP photo.

mr-penman said...


Sir George said...

Wo Yau!

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