Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Restoran Sun Yen 新园茶餐室@ Section 17

People refer Restoran Sun Yen 新园茶餐室 as "the shop that serves game meat 野味 at Section 17", i.e. wildboar, deer, etc. AS there's a stall does serve such dishes.

It's been awhile since we came here for lunch, because we don't really fancy game meat 野味. However, we were there last week, because we really ran out of ideas where to have lunch. LOL~ There are other stalls too.

Our food

Hokkian Style Fried Kuay Teow (using Charcoal flame)

Believe it or not. Food that is cooked on charcoal/wood fire taste better. This dish is awesome! Perhaps like the Chinese old believes, cooked food must be blessed by good flame.

Curry Noodle

This curry noodle is quite happening. However, I ordered, as I'm more a dry meehoon:
Dry Mee Hoon with Curry Gravy

Kopi Ping (Ice Coffee)

I don't drink coffee, therefore, I can't comment much about this drink. However, I was told, the Kopi Ping is one of the famous drink here.

Besides the mentioned, there's a famous Bah Kut Teh stall at Restoran Sun Yen 新园茶餐室 too. I'll blog about that next time.


Tattfoo&Ensze said...

the charcoal fried Keoy Teow is amazing. It must taste great. My favorite dish in Nyonya Restaurant(malaysian restaurant in NY) is Keoy Teo.

mr-penman said...

ever since I blogged about this place, I have been visiting it every few days. 'cos lotsa friends requested to try out.

I'm kinda sick of the food there now.


Please go ahead and try out yourself. I pass.



wildchild said...

The Fried Keoy Teow is ok oni, can find better ones. But I wana try the Curry Mee coz my mum told me its quite famous. So hoh, penman ah, when can we go again?

mr-penman said...

tried oredi~loh... wait for u! - Buy Action Figures, Video Game Merchandise & Toys and more!