Monday, July 23, 2007

The Great LYN Nintendo DS Meet up - July edition: Photo Gallery

July 2007
Time : 1200hrs - 1700hrs;
Date : Saturday, 21st July 2007;
Battleground : Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel;
Status: Great Success!!!;
in order of appearance:
01 & 02) Pheonix & Prime (not sure who came first);
03) Core Z;
04) Penman ( who did not see us oendaning at the lobby and straight walk into the restaurant;

While waiting for the others its already 12 and we started eating. Yum Yum Satay.

05 & 06) Ayish & Yuki (they bumped into each other at the LRT station I guess);
07) Hamtarox;
08 & 09) Sihumchai and sihummoi;
10) Andy (But no DS, came for the food I guess);
11 & 12) Bernie with GF;

Games Played
Mario Kart, Tetris, Bomberman, EBA, Oendan, Sonic Rush, Warioware. I might miss other games played.

Food Selection
I usually avoids eating rice at a buffet, so since they have satay thats all I eat that day. Others that worth mentioning is the ice cream which they refilled around 4 pm. Can't really say much about the others but I saw lots of satay sticks at the table.

Duration of meetup
Sihum x2 and Bernie x2 left first around 3 plus. Then Andy, Hamtarox & Penman around 5. Ayish left after that and myself around 6. I donno how long did Yuki, Prime and Pheonix stayed at the restaurant or maybe after being chased out by the management.

as reported by corez.

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