Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ho Ho Steamboat

When it comes to steamboat, we always pick Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant. Simply because the food is fresh, tasty and reasonable pricing.

We used to travel all the way to Sri Petaling for this nice steamboat, however, we no longer do that, because they have a new branch at Kota Damansara.

Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant@Kota Damansara


My thoughts:
Normally, if it's only the 2 of us, we'll order the mininal set, with extra dumpling, meatballs, and "UFOs".


Right after you put all the food into the steamboat, don't forget to add a little bit of the sesame oil.

Sesame Oil with fried onion

this will make the soup and the food smells & taste good.


And it always go with a pot of tea. For our choice, we normally go for jesmine tea or tie guan yin.

a pot of "Tie Guan Yin"

Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant is probably the first and only steamboat restaurant that has a website. There are currently 4 outlets in Klang Valley, you can locate their outlets here.

To find out more, you can visit -


tokyo_nights said...

I think I've eaten at the sri petaling branch b4...not bad la but i don't really fancy eating steamboat at restaurants...unless its a buffet or smthing

mr-penman said...

I oso dun that fancy steamboat...LOL~

but if I want to eat steamboat, this is my choice~lah.

me not a buffet person... can't stand those crowd!


Tattfoo&Ensze said...

restaurant got website-canggih.
it looks good. I think the selection can be more variety. The basic is there. NZ love steamboat.

mr-penman said...


when u 2 r back, I take u guys there!


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